Internet star Jackie Weaver unveils gory makeover for zombie transformation

Internet sensation Jackie Weaver wants to be a zombie on The Walking Dead.

She is ready to swap parish councils for the apocalypse on the show after getting this grisly makeover and she looks totally different.

Boasting a blooded grey face with bulging eyes, she looked totally unrecognisable in costume.

She was famously told: "You have no authority."

Jackie told the Daily Star: "I haven't done any acting, but I’ve now dressed up as a zombie, so I feel I have some experience.

"They can call on me. I’ve always been a great fan of the zombie genre."

Jackie, who was given the new look by Disney, added: "I was sitting there for two hours. Hats off to the people that do it on the show."

The first 10 series of The Walking Dead are on Star on Disney+ from tomorrow.

Speaking about the her life before the the online meeting went viral and propelled her to stardom, she explained it was rather bland from what she's doing now.

She added: "It has been over a year of video conferencing, needless meetings about meetings, people talking over each other and sitting in front of a screen.

"As a keen zombie enthusiast, I definitely could have used it for one particular Handforth Parish Council Meeting.

"I love my new look.”

Jackie shot to fame when footage of an uneventful Handforth Parish Council zoom went viral online after she'd ruthlessly kicked the chairman out of the video meeting.

Now Jackie has became a star in her own right and even opened the BRIT Awards alongside host Jack Whitehall and Line Of Duty's Martin Compston.

In the opening scene at the Brit Awards, Jackie appeared on the screen adding: "Right shall we bring this Brit Awards to order."

A confused Jack Whitehall asked: "Who the hell are you?"

Jackie told him: "I'm your worst nightmare," as Martin Compston chimed: "She's Jackie Weaver."

"Now listen up you little twerp if you don't get on with this then I'll kick you off," explained Jackie.

At which point Jack added: "Jackie Weaver you have no authority here, read the standing orders, read them and understand them."

The comedian blurted: "Jackie don't you dare," as she cut him off in the hilarious segment.

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