Ireland Baldwin says shes been to the hospital over 20 times for cardiophobia

Ireland Baldwin is upfront about her struggles with anxiety and frequently posts some of her worsts moments with that battle. Fans are constantly replying how much she’s helped them with their own anxiety issues by detailing what she has gone through. Last January, Ireland wrote about having the condition known as cardiophobia. It’s not very well known (as evidenced by my spellcheck trying to change it to ‘karidopita’). Cardiophobia is the fear that you are having a heart attack when you are having any kind of heart palpitations, especially those brought on by anxiety. Ireland appeared on Red Table Talk and discussed the condition. She said her cardiophobia has resulted in at least 20 hospital visits throughout her life.

Ireland Baldwin is opening up about a medical condition. The 26-year-old model is set to appear on Wednesday’s episode of Red Table Talk, and, in an exclusive clip from the interview, Baldwin reveals her experience with cardiophobia.

“You’re like, ‘What is that?’” Baldwin quips to Willow Smith. “I didn’t know either until I did a lot of research for a very long time.”

Essentially, Baldwin says, “I have a fear of my own heartbeat.” An article published by the Behaviour Change medical journal described the condition similarly, noting, “cardiophobic persons repeatedly present with complaints of chest pain and heart palpitations accompanied by fears of having a heart attack and of dying.”

“When it starts getting really fast, even when I’m slightly nervous or if I exercise or anything, I start panicking to the point where I’m convinced, not matter what anyone says, that I’m going to have a heart attack and I have to go to a hospital,” Baldwin explains. “I’ve had maybe over 20 hospital visits in my life.”

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I’d never heard of cardiophobia prior to writing about Ireland talking about it. And yet, someone going to the hospital with an assumed heart attack only to find out it was an anxiety attack has been a trope in movies forever. Ireland’s just putting a public face to it. Thank goodness she is. Remember that her January post was showing the world her heart monitor she uses to watch her heart rate as a coping mechanism. It allows her to see she’s not having a heart attack. That’s useful information for someone who has cardiophobia. It sounds like a scary condition to have. Especially since once the fear sets in, it’s only going to make the heartbeat faster, which will cause more fear. So it’s a self-perpetuating fear. What a nightmare. And if Ireland has found ways to calm herself down, bless her for putting herself out there to pass that information on to others.

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