‘It’s not enough’ Eamonn Holmes talks agonising dilemma amid painful health battle

This Morning's Eamonn Holmes left red-faced after phone rings live on air

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Eamonn Holmes, 61, discussed an agonising dilemma faced by many, who like himself, suffer from chronic pain, as he responded to one of his followers today. The This Morning host said there needs to be more “understanding” toward those who rely on painkiller medication, after he revealed back in April that he had been suffering from a dislocated pelvis which had caused him increasing discomfort.

The Twitter follower tweeted: “A key truth that people who panic over addiction to pain meds is that if you are in so much pain medication is your only answer, you will do anything to ensure you are in control of said medication & not end up being controlled by it. For us, it’s life or death.”

In response, Eamonn agreed with them and typed back in view of his one million followers: “Well said.”

He continued: “There needs to be more understanding and tolerance of #ChronicPain.  

“Is the addiction going to be worse than the pain? It’s not enough just to finger wag at folk who have no other option.  

Fans also weighed in with their experiences of pain management in the comment section.

One said: “I now have no access to pain management, beyond my GP, because services are focused on educating people with relatively new #ChronicPain and those with opioid dependence. After 50 years of pain experience I am neither, which essentially leaves me going it alone.”

A second commented: “Had this conversation the other day with a doctor. We don’t take it for fun. We need it”

The ITV host has been dealing with chronic pain for many months now and explained the importance of keeping mobile to help alleviate the symptoms. 

Discussing why people find chronic pain worsens in summer, due to dehydration and a lack of movement, Eamonn revealed that actor Liam Neeson gave him some great advice that “rest is rust and motion is lotion”.

He told wife Ruth Langsford on This Morning: “I live by that motto, I do – don’t I always say that? Motion is your lotion.”

“I sat beside the actor Liam Neeson on a plane and he said to me, ‘Eamonn, remember this, motion is your lotion’.

“That’s what he said, he said to me that is why he keeps doing his action films. 

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“And Liam and I are like-minded on this sort of thing, that exercise is it all.”

Eamonn has been in agony for months and has documented his health online.

The star’s discs have “eroded” in his back and therefore it makes sitting down increasingly difficult.

On filming difficulties, Eamonn shared: “I’ve got some discs that have eroded in my back. Apparently sitting down is the back’s worst enemy.”

The presenter has been battling chronic pain for a long time, after dislocating his pelvis, but in recent months has been left unable to sleep.

He told the Irish Independent that the injury happened “mysteriously”, and his back is now “out of alignment” because of it.

“I mysteriously dislocated my pelvis and I don’t know how – it’s not as erotic as it sounds,” he said.

“My back is now out of alignment as a result.

“Nobody knows what it’s like unless they live with someone who has it. I’m in huge pain and nobody knows how to stop it.”

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