ITV GMB row: Francois shuts down Remainer Christian in angry Brexit clash ‘You LOST twice’

Conservative MP Mark Francois pointed out British voters chose Brexit “twice” after the broadcaster claimed the result of the European Union referendum was “based on lies.” Terry Christian kicked off the fiery clash by asking how could Britain “look to the rest of the world” after leaving the bloc but Mr Francois reiterated the commitment of the country to independence pointing out voters chose to leave on two separate occasions. Mr Francois told his ITV Good Morning Britain co-panellist: “Democratically, they voted for it. Like it or not. 

“They voted for it twice.”

Brexit played a pivotal role in the campaigning of all major UK parties in the run-up to the December general election, which returned the Conservative Party a majority of 80 seats. The result was seen as a clear signal from voters to get on with the withdrawal process after two and a half years of chaotic negotiations.

But Mr Christian persisted: “They voted for it based on lies. They voted for it thinking the EU was responsible for our immigration.”

The statement forced GMB host Susanna Reid to intervene to point out “the EU is partially responsible for our immigration.”

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But unperturbed, Mr Christian continued: “We could have reduced the presence of migrant workers by 80 percent without leaving the EU. Non-EU immigrants, we could have reduced 100 percent. 

“What’s happening at the moment is nobody is saying what are the tangible benefits of Brexit.”

Mr Francois was then urged to make his case in favour of Brexit but he was repeatedly interrupted by his fellow GMB guest as he attempted to speak.

The Tory MP said: “We would take back control of our own laws…Making your own laws doesn’t mean anything? Let me get a word in.

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“Here’s your fact – the people voted to leave in the 2016 referendum.

“It was a democratic vote and they voted again, emphatically, in a general election to leave again.”

Mr Francois added: “Terry, you lost. Your side lost, twice. 

“You were defeated, twice.”


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Mr Francois, a staunch supporter of Brexit, had hoped the Government would agree to have Big Ben chime at 11pm on January 31 to mark Brexit Day.

But despite a crowdfunding campaign trying to collect enough money to fund the temporary use of the bell towers, attempts fell short of their goal and Big Ben will not bong.

A clock counting down to the moment the UK leaves the EU will be projected on to Downing Street.

The Prime Minister will also give a “special” address to the nation in the evening, the Government said.

A special 50p coin will also enter circulation to mark the occasion.

Mr Johnson is expected to be one of the first people to receive one of the newly-minted 50p coins, which will bear the motto “peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations”.

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