James Argent pleased for ex Gemma Collins and boyfriend Rami as he opens up on own love life

Gemma Collins and James 'Arg' Argent devastated fans when their eight-year on-off romance came to a crashing halt last year.

The pair's tumultuous relationship ended in a toxic exchange which saw Arg brand his ex a “hippo”, and while they briefly reunited in October 2020, it was to be short-lived as they parted ways for good just a month later.

Now, Arg has publicly supported his ex as she moves on with former flame Rami Hawash.

“I’m very pleased that she started dating Rami again because I’m actually quite fond of him – he’s a nice guy,” Arg told The Sun.

Speaking of the split, the star admitted: “Anything negative I’ve said about anyone I deeply regret and I apologise for.

“But that row was a long time ago and a lot of the time, when you say negative things about other people, you’re really saying it about yourself. It’s self-hatred.”

Now, Arg is focusing on himself and enjoying some new-found attention from the opposite sex.

“I haven’t actually started dating yet," he confessed, "but I have noticed that a lot of the girls who didn’t look at me twice before now seem a bit more keen."

Arg celebrated an impressive 11 stone weight loss over the course of seven months earlier this year following advice from his doctors.

After a successful spell in rehab in Thailand at the start of 2020, he was able to ditch his dependence on drugs and alcohol and developed healthy eating and exercising habits.

However, over the course of lockdown, the star turned to binge eating in lieu of his former vices.

He quickly saw the number on the scales begin to climb, and soon doctors advised that his poor eating habits meant that he was playing with his own life.

"I reached the heaviest I’ve ever been in the height of the ­pandemic and doctors said I was ­dicing with death because I’ve got bad asthma and was morbidly obese, which was the worst possible combination if I was to catch Covid.

“I could have been a goner, so I just knew I had to do something.”

In spite of warnings from medical professionals, it was his mum's concern for him that made the star jump into action and lose the weight.

He told The Sun: “Then one afternoon my mum found me in bed and started crying.

“She said, ‘I don’t recognise my son any more.’ That was a big wake-up call."

Drastic action was needed, and Arg opted for a gastric sleeve operation – where a section of the stomach is removed to reduce the portion size it can hold.

Now the star has reached his target weight in just seven months and has developed healthy eating and exercise habits, to which he attributes his growing confidence and attention from women.

“I’m getting lots of compliments, but I’m not letting them go to my head.

"One drawback is the skinnier I get, the bigger my nose and ears look, so I can’t win!”

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