James Martin apologises after dig at Saturday Morning crew member: ‘I’ve gone quiet’

Strictly: James Martin jokes about sound man’s dancing

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James Martin was back with a new episode of Saturday Morning this weekend, joined at his home by former Strictly Come Dancing star Ore Oduba. As James rustled up some delicious looking dishes, the pair mulled over their respective stints on the BBC dance competition as well as Ore’s upcoming appearance at Saturday’s Soccer Aid. However, when discussing their fondness for dancing, James couldn’t resist a pop a Matt “the sound man” on the show, leading the cook to apologise as things turned slightly awkward in the studio.

Ore won Strictly back in 2016 alongside partner Joanne Clifton while James took to the dance floor way back in 2005 with Camilla Dallerup.

Discussing their times on the show, James admitted the nerves he felt before taking to the floor with his partner before turning his attention to Ore’s acting background and if it helped him for his stint.

“We’ve talked about theatre and all the stuff you were doing before,” James began. “Could you do it [dancing] before?

“It seemed to come naturally to you,” the TV chef added before Ore weighed in with a joke.

“James,” he replied. “After a couple of rosés, we’re all great dancers.”

Ore let out a laugh before James spotted the chance to joke about one of the show’s crew members.

“You want to see Matt the sound man,” James quipped as Ore let out another laugh and chuckles erupted off-camera.

But as Ore tried to move on, James continued to jibe about his Saturday Morning colleague.

“And definitely he isn’t, trust me,” James added while serving up his dish to Ore.

“But the thing is, he thinks he is,” Ore weighed in to defend Matt and his dancing abilities. “And that’s what counts.”

But James was quick to deliver another swipe at the crew member, remarking: “He thinks he’s a sound man but there we go.”

“Ooooh,” could be heard off-camera as the rest of the crew reacted to James’ swipe, prompting the chef to apologise to Matt.

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“Ooooh, sorry,” James said as he held his hands up.

He and Ore let out a giggle before James noticed the awkward reception, saying to the camera: “I’ve gone quiet!”

James soon moved on with the rest of the show after his cheeky joke at his colleague’s expense.

However, this wasn’t the only comment from James to catch the eye as a number of viewers were quick to pull the presenter up on his pronunciation of Yorkshire town, Yeadon.

“For a Yorkshire lad James! It’s pronounced Yeeeeeeeden near Leeds not Yeadon,” one fan said on Twitter.

A second added: “Great show as always…..BUT did James really just pronounce Yeadon near Leeds as Yeddon?”

“James it’s Yeadon as on oh yea of little faith not Yeddon! Unless I misheard you and there is a Yeddon! LOL,” commented a third. (Sic)

And a fourth concurred: “@sat_jamesmartin great to hear Yeadon getting a mention although it’s pronounced yeedon not yeddon. But if your coming for fish n chips I’d say murgatroyds is the way to go.”

James Martin’s Saturday Morning airs Saturdays at 9:30am on ITV.

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