Jeff Bezos' Hilarious Response To Leonardo DiCaprio Viral Video With GF

Jeff Bezos is being a good sport over Leonardo DiCaprio chatting up his lady right in front of him … sending Leo a funny but not so subtle message.

The Amazon honcho just responded to the video going viral showing Leo saying something to Lauren Sanchez at the LACMA Art + Film Gala … sending the Oscar winner a potentially fatal invitation.

Jeff just posted a picture on Twitter showing him standing in the middle of a ton of vegetation, behind a red warning sign that says … “DANGER! STEEP CLIFF FATAL DROP.”

The funny response comes after Leo started trending for whatever he said to Lauren to make her glance so lovingly up at him at the gala … all while Jeff was standing right there!!!

Seems Jeff is trying to play it super cool … while also telling Leo to watch his step.

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