Jenny Ryan aghast as Bradley confuses her with lookalike Chase contestant: ‘Forgive me’

The Chase: Bradley Walsh mixes up contestant with the chaser

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The Chase contestants in Friday’s rerun on ITV included Becky, Mat, Jess, and Rob. After gaining a strong start for the team in her cash-builder, first player Becky couldn’t contain her laughter after Bradley Walsh mistook fellow player Jess for Jenny Ryan. The Chaser looked gobsmacked at the mistake and couldn’t believe the host had made the error.

The team gained a strong start after first contestant Becky made it through with £5,000 following an impressive cash-builder.

However, it was Bradley’s confusion of third player Jess with Chaser Jenny that caught viewers’ attention.

While the Chaser appeared gobsmacked at the slip-up but the rest of the contestants found the incident hilarious.

The moment came after Becky gained £5,000 in the cash-builder, as the host told her she was a “better player than that”.

Jenny said: “Well, you’re a training consultant and you’ve clearly had some quiz training before coming on the show.

“That wasn’t bad,” the Chaser remarked.

Jenny offered a low offer of £1,000 and a high offer of £25,000, and Becky seemed very tempted to risk it for the higher.

Bradley then asked the team for their opinions on which offer Becky should accept.

Rob suggested that she go for the top offer as she “smashed” the cash-builder.

The host then turned to Jess, who was quite the lookalike for Chaser Jenny, saying: “And Jenny? Sorry, Jess.”

The Vixen looked shocked at his slip-up and Bradley quickly said: “Oh wow sorry, what is going on there?

“I thought you were Jenny for a sec there,” he joked, as the contestants continued laughing.

“I’m so sorry, it’s like looking in a mirror.

“I’ve been caught in some sort of parallel universe,” the presenter added as he attempted to shrug off the mistake.

Bradley continued: “Jess, my mistake, forgive me!”

Both Jess and Mat then suggested that Becky take the £5,000, which she did do despite being tempted by the higher offer.

Becky exclaimed she was “over the moon” when she got through to the Final Chase, and Jenny seemed impressed by her performance.

However, Becky’s fellow contestants didn’t all replicate her success.

Despite an impressive cash-builder where he racked up £9,000, Mat was sent packing after falling short in his head-to-head with Jenny.

Rob similarly failed to impress, with just one question right in his cash-builder and – while he showed courage by going high for £51,000 – he was soon caught in his head-to-head.

Jenny’s lookalike Jess, however, did make it to the Final Chase following a series of lucky guesses against the Chaser.

However, Jess and Becky were no competition to the quizzing guru who quickly caught them in the Final Chase and sent them home empty-handed.

The Chase airs on weekdays on ITV at 5pm.

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