Jeremy Clarkson admits he’s ‘constantly editing’ himself amid cancel fear from woke army’

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Jeremy Clarkson has admitted he is fearful of the “woke army” coming after him for saying something out of line. This has led The Grand Tour presenter to begin “editing himself” when he’s out and about.

Jeremy has never been one to shy away from sharing his opinions as the outspoken presenter of several shows.

However, the broadcaster recently made an admission about how he has been “editing” himself.

This comes amid worries over cancel culture as the presenter reacted to Sir Tom Stoppard’s comments this week.

The playwright opened up to the BBC about how “free speech” has begun to be eroded.

Sir Tom said: “50 years ago, it seemed to me that the freedom to say what you like within the constraints of the law of the land, was the freedom on which all other freedoms depended.

“So it is essential that people were allowed their moment on the soapbox, on the platform.”

Jeremy referenced the Arcadia playwright’s comments in his latest column.

He penned: “Sir Tom Stoppard, the playwright, says that cancel culture has eroded free speech.

“He’s right. Today, I constantly edit myself when I’m out and about, fearful I may say something that brings down the wrath of the woke army on my head.”

The Clarkson’s Farm presenter then added in a piece for The Sun: “It’s getting to the point where expressing opinions will become like self-love.

“Something you can only do when no one’s looking.”

This is not the first time Jeremy has opened up about his fears over cancel culture.

In a column for The Times earlier this year, the presenter admitted his friends were worried they’ll be cancelled.

He said: “If you are spending nearly a quarter of your waking moments on the internet, it’s inevitable that occasionally you’re going to see something that will get you fired.”

He continued: “It’s really scary for people who still eat meat and use petrol and continue to share inappropriate jokes on private WhatsApp groups.

“Because you’re on borrowed time, and soon you’ll get a tap on the shoulder from the HR Stasi.

“I speak often to my friends about this, and all of them are frightened to death.”

Elsewhere, Jeremy recently returned to screens in the latest special for The Grand Tour.

Entitled Lochdown, the Amazon Prime Show saw him reunited with Richard Hammond and James May.

The trio headed to Scotland for more hilarious antics and a road trip across the country.

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