Jeremy Clarkson slams ‘Government interferers’ over ‘lack of freedom’ on farm

Clarkson's Farm: Jeremy Clarkson stars in Amazon Prime trailer

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The Grand Tour star Jeremy Clarkson, 60, swapped cars for farming for his new solo Amazon show, which focuses on him getting to grips with his new life as a farmer on his Didley Squat Farm. Speaking to, the presenter admitted taking on the project was out of his comfort zone, but has loved his new found hobby.

One thing he didn’t enjoy however was how many rules and regulations came with farming.

He revealed: “I honestly thought that farming was… you put seeds in the ground, weather happens and then you grow food.

“And then, you go on a skiing holiday and moan about how awful the weather has been and that’s just not true, none of that.

“It’s incredibly complicated, every single thing about farming is complicated and made more complicated by Government interferers.

“The amount of things you can’t do, it beggars belief.”

Giving an example, he said he was surprised by the specifics of soil compaction.

“It’s just an extraordinary overly governed industry.

“I think that would be my biggest surprise, is how little freedom farmers to do what they’re good at because they’re being told by people who aren’t good at it what they can or can’t do.”

While Jeremy faced many step backs along the way, he refused to give up his new found love.

“My whole mantra since I’ve been in school is when someone tells you something you can’t do, stay awake at night working your way around that,” he added.

“At no point did I think about giving up and I’m not giving up now and hopefully never will. I really love it.”

The father-of-three was guided along the way by his co-star and farmer Kaleb Cooper.

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The latter added: “No matter how hards it can be, it’s also so rewarding. One bad thing can lead to two good things.”

The car enthusiast said he is looking forward to seeing people’s reaction to his farming.

He told DriveTribe: “I’m looking forward to people’s reaction to that because it’s like nothing I’ve done before.

“It’s genteel, it’s quiet, nobody falls over, nobody catches fire, nobody explodes.

“It’s a quiet genteel look at how farming is done and how I react to it.”

His partner Lisa Hogan will also make appearances in the new series.

The pair started dating back in 2017.

Clarkson’s Farm launches on Amazon Prime Video on Friday 11th June.

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