Jerry Seinfeld Dishes on Why Fans Still Love 'Seinfeld'

To the delight of comedy fans everywhere, Jerry Seinfeld just dropped a new stand-up special on Netflix. On a promotional tour for the program, the funnyman stopped by The Howard Stern Show to dish a few details. During his interview, he told Stern why he believes fans still love his long-running sitcom, Seinfeld.

Seinfeld described himself as a perfectionist

During his interview with Howard Stern, Seinfeld called himself a perfectionist. That personality trait, he confessed, is why he opted not to do another television show after Seinfeld ended. The comic declared, “I’m not gonna try and beat that. I can’t beat that.”

With that in mind, Stern predicted that Seinfeld’s latest project,23 Hours to Kill, would be his final stand-up comedy special. “He got itright,” Stern said of Seinfeld, “He’s not going to want to f*ck up. He’s notgoing to want to do one more, and then, you know, stay too long to the party.” Seinfeldhinted that Stern was correct in his assumption that he was hanging up thecomedy mic.

Stern would still like to see a COVID-19 Seinfeld special

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Stern admitted that he would like to hear Seinfeld’sthoughts about the COVID-19 pandemic in the form of one more stand-up comedyspecial from the funnyman. But based on Seinfeld’s current position on thematter, Stern probably should not hold his breath. Seinfeld responded sayingthis:

“I already have the material to do another special, but Ialways like to give a little less than you really want.” His stance on theissue provides a bit of insight into why the comedian decided to end Seinfeldwhile the sitcom was still at the height of popularity.

Seinfeld revealed why he thinks fans still dig ‘Seinfeld’

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Seinfeld ran for nine seasons before ending on a highnote as one of the most-watched shows on television. At the time, many fanswondered why the series would end during such a phenomenal time of ratings andcritical success. For decades, Seinfeld has practiced his philosophy of leavingaudiences wanting more. He divulged this to Stern about why Seinfeld isstill beloved by the masses:

“If you look back at all the stuff I’ve done, like this TVseries, we could have done one, two, three more years. The reason people stilllove that show is we didn’t wear it out.” He continued, saying, “I likeminimalizing things.”

The comedian dropped knowledge about real art

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Even after Seinfeld’s in-depth explanation of why he ischoosing to walk away for now, Stern admitted he still wanted to hear his comicobservations about COVID-19. The radio jockey mused, “Don’t you wish the worldwas a little less judgmental, and you weren’t so hard on yourself?”

Keeping it real, Seinfeld declared, “I don’t care about theworld. It’s just about; it’s what I like. I’m doing what I like. You do whatyou like, Howard. That is the genius of Howard Stern. I’m going to do it theway I want to do it. And that’s what people respond to. That’s what they like.They don’t want you catering to them. They want you catering to yourself. That’syour art.”

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