Jesy Nelson accused of miming in first solo performance as she's slapped down by Graham Norton for bad language

JESY Nelson has been accused of miming in her first solo performance since quitting Little Mix.

The 30-year-old was also slapped down by Graham Norton for using bad language in front of fellow guest Judi Dench.

But it was all in good fun as Jesy explained she had "s*** herself" about singing without her ex bandmates

Viewers were convinced that she hadn't sung live, with one insisting: "I really dont see the point of singers going on #GrahamNorton to ‘perform’ and miming."

Another said: "Jesy Nelson miming on #GrahamNorton. Not good."

Someone else said: "Watching #TheGrahamNortonShow.. I must say good luck to her on her solo career but the miming by #JesyNelson was awful.. If you can't sing live, don't sing at all.. That counts for anyone.. #LittleMix."

Another added: "Not Jesy Nelson miming her debut performance."

Jesy appeared on The Graham Norton Show to perform her single Bad Boyz ft Nikki Minaj.

Asked how she felt, Jesy replied: "I'm not going to lie, that is the most I've ever s*** myself. That was scary."

"Dame Judi Dench is right there…", said Graham as he chuckled nervously.

Then later, as Jesy spoke about rapper P Diddy, she said: "So when I met him I was like 'holy f***'."

Again, Graham pointed out she'd sworn in front of a dame.

He added: "We get it, you s*** yourself."

Jesy apologised, saying: "Sorry, I'm such a potty mouth."

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