Jill Duggar’s List of Demands For Derick Dillard: Revealed, Hilarious [UPDATED]

It's no secret that the Duggar family loves rules.

From courtship rules to dress codes, these folks live to set guidelines and follow them.

So it should come as no surprise that Jill Duggar has made a list of commandments for her husband Derick Dillard.

(Would be nice if one of her rules was "don't harass teens on social media," but we digress.)

Learn more about our latest bizarre insight into the nature of romance in Duggar Land in the gallery below.

[Update: A whole lot has changed in Jill and Derick's relationship in recent months. Scroll on to find out just how different the couple's marriage has become thanks to his Dillard's feud with his father-in-law!]

1.Better Days

2.Counting Off

3.Kicked to the Curb

4.Flat Broke

5.The Solution?

6.On Her Own

7.Date Night!


9.This Effing Guy!

10.Jill Lays Down the Law

11.Humor By Derick

12.Seems Reasonable

13."Quality Time"

14.Just a Guess

15.Ulterior Motives?

16.The Truth?

17.He's On a Roll!

18.At Least Someone's Laughing!

19.Derick Being Derick

20.UPDATE: A New Battle

21.A Little Background

22.JB on the Defensive

23.Choosing Sides


25.Silver Lining

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