Jimi Hendrix FINAL guitar performance 48 hours before death: ‘He was flying’ – LISTEN here

A member of the 27 Club, Jimi Hendrix tragically died 50 years ago this Friday on September 18, 1970. Three days beforehand, the guitar legend was invited by former The Animals star Eric Burdon to jam with him and his new band War at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in London. However, on the first night, Hendrix was too out of control from drugs, with Burdon commenting that he was “well out of it.”

According to Jimi Hendrix: The Final Days by Tony Brown, Burdon added that Hendrix was “wobbling too much to play, so I told him to come back the following night.”

So the next evening on September 16, 1970, Hendrix did exactly that, appearing much better than the night before.

And what transpired was the guitarist’s final public performance, just 48 hours before his sudden death at just 27-years-old.

In his autobiography Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood, Burdon commented: “I introduced Jimi to the audience.”

He added: “The typical London jazz crowd tried to show indifference as he took the stage, but a ripple of applause greeted the greatest guitar player in the world.”

Jamming with War, Hendrix played covers of Memphis Slim’s Mother Earth, followed by a rendition of Tobacco Road.

According to Far Out Magazine, Burdon wrote: “Having Hendrix onstage made [War guitarist Howard Scott] play better than he ever had before”, while also saying that Hendrix was “flying”.

Spotted by the Evening Standard, fans can listen to the entirety of Hendrix’s final performance recording below.


Hendrix kicks off around the 56-minute mark and as you can hear, he was brilliant until the end.

Earlier this year, Express.co.uk spoke with ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, whose original group The Moving Sidewalks opened for The Jimi Hendrix Experience in the mid-1960s.

The 70-year-old revealed how he managed to impress Hendrix with a seriously cheeky move when opening for the guitar legend.

He said: “Oh man! We hit it off in a rather unexpected manner.”

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Gibbons continued: “Our contract required us to play for 45 minutes and at that time the only way we could complete the run was to include two numbers by Jimi Hendrix [laughs].

“Which was kinda chancy I must say. And I remember wrapping up the set, coming off the stage, there was Jimi in the shadows – off to the side with his arms folded.

“But he was grinning and as I passed by he grabbed me.

“And said, ‘I like you, you’ve got a lot of nerve!’’

Aside from it being 50 years since Jimi Hendrix’s death, 2020 also marks other significant anniversaries for the passing away of music stars.

This year is also the 40th anniversary of the 1980 deaths of AC/DC singer Bon Scott (33), Joy Davison’s Ian Curtis (23) and Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham (32).

While John Lennon was assassinated 40 years ago on December 8.

Next month, fans celebrate what would have been the late Beatle’ 80th birthday.

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