John Cleese distracts BBC The One Show viewers wearing lion t-shirt and blazer

John Cleese was dubbed “arrogant and clueless” during his appearance on The One Show after his comments about cancel culture rubbed up viewers the wrong way.

The Fawlty Towers legend appeared on the show to discuss his upcoming projects wearing a t-shirt featuring a close-up shot of a lion’s face, a multi-coloured children’s watch and a mis-matching blue blazer.

Fans on Twitter were quick to comment on the ensemble, with one blasting: “Basil what the bloody hell are you wearing???!!” another said: “He’s giving us a view of the Serengeti…no herds of wildebeest tho”

A third added: “Has John Cleese got a lunatic living in his wardrobe passing his gear out to him?”

Despite his controversial wardrobe, the 82-year-old star also stole the spotlight by speaking out against cancel culture, something he plans to tackle in his new Channel 4 documentary Cancel Me.

Cleese said of cancel culture: “There’s a good side of it such as let’s be kind to people but it’s also got a rather puritanical side to it – for instance you can’t make jokes.

“Basil Fawlty is full of faults that’s why he’s funny but if you now say you must not laugh at anyone’s faults – it all depends, do you tease people meanly or with affection.

“I’m trying to figure out what’s the good side of it and the not so good side of it. Some people don’t seem to understand anything about irony”.

Viewers were quick to express their opinions on the star’s comments, with one commenting: “Two quite extraordinary minutes of John Cleese completely misunderstanding what "cancel culture" — the thing he's made his whole life about — is, while confidently stating that a lot of people don't know what it is”

Another said: “why is John Cleese coming across as arrogant and clueless?”

But fans were also quick to praise the star, who is set to star in new kid’s movie Clifford the Big Red Dog, with many defending his stance on woke culture and agreeing with his sentiment.

“John Cleese using wise words and making perfect sense about cancel culture on #theoneshow,” said one viewer wrote.

Another reiterated: “Totally could not agree more with John Cleese. If you tease people kindly that surely is ok. We cannot have a life where we cannot be comfortable with each other. #TheOneShow #JohnCleese”

The One Show airs weeknights on BBC One at 7pm

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