John Whaite shares unglamorous side of Strictly training as he fears wardrobe mishap

Strictly: John Whaite shares 'unglamorous' side of training

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Bake Off winner John Whaite, 32, has taken to Instagram to reveal the “unglamorous” side of Strictly Come Dancing training. The professional baker gave his 109,000 followers a candid insight into the preparation he was undergoing ahead of the show starting next week when he shared his worries about his outfit.

You think it’s all glamour but just wait until you see this

John Whaite

After arriving at the Strictly studios, John told how he was travelling to his dressing room in style.

Being chauffeured along in a buggy, John told his followers: “Right, I’m going to my dressing room and they’re carrying me on a buggy.

“Not because I’m a diva,” John clarified, before showing what was on the seat next to him.

But in the star’s next story, things seem to have taken a slight turn for the worse as the patisserie expert filmed himself wandering around the BBC halls topless.

John said: “I’m wandering around the corridors because my shower doesn’t work in my dressing room.

“So, I have to shower in a puddle outside,” he added in exasperation.

“Won’t be the first time,” he added jokily.

Next on John’s agenda was getting fitted for his glitzy outfits.

However, the star told how he was experiencing trouble in that area too.

He told his fans: “I’m here in the wardrobe department, I’m just waiting for my outfit fitting for tonight.

“It’s just having some – I’m having some underpants sewn onto the shirt to stop the shirt riding up,” he bizarrely confessed.

However, John said that this caused him to fear a wardrobe mishap when he took to the dancefloor.

But I’m a bit worried that the underpants are going to ride up my rear end,” he grimaced.

Ahead of filming the launch show, John gave his followers an insight into what training at the BBC studios really looked like.

From his dressing room, he said: “Well it’s almost time to start recording the launch show, the wonderful Heather Marnie make-up has done my make-up again this week.

“She’s polished me, she’s bronzed my face, she’s given me some brows, it’s all very glamorous now,” he gushed.

“But, look how unglamorous my day was before – well not all day but part of my day”, John added.

“You think it’s all glamour but just wait until you see this.”

In the next story, a Strictly-fied John sat outside on top of wooden crates while eating his lunch.

Donning a black dancing outfit with a deep V-neck plunge, the former Bake Off winner looked less than impressed as he ate his lunch.

Strictly Come Dancing starts Saturday September 8 on BBC One.

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