Jonathan Ross’ flamboyant family – Hollywood wife to ‘fat-activist’ daughter

Masked Singer judge Jonathan Ross has been a major TV personality since the 1980s but he isn't the only celebrity within his household.

Some even believe that the 60-year-old's wife Jane Goldman, who began her career at Daily Star as a journalist before clapping eyes on Jonathan, may even be more successful than her husband after she shot to fame in Hollywood.

The couple, who are flamboyant in their own right, share three children together – Betty Kitten Ross, 28, Harvey Kirby, 25, and Honey Kinney, 23 – and it's fair to say none of them are lacking in the personality department.

Other members of the clan who reside at their home in Hampstead, north London include; sheep, miniature pigs, ferrets, cats, goldfish and numerous dogs.

Besides his extensive pets and offspring, Jonathan's brother Paul also found fame as a TV presenter on Channel 4's hit breakfast show Big Breakfast.

Another star of the family includes his late mother Martha who became a familiar face on EastEnders.

Here, Daily Star uncovers the quirky and famous family of Jonathan Ross…

Wife, Jane Goldman

At the age of 16, Jane began her extensive career as a junior reporter covering the entertainment sector.

It was because of this role that she managed to captivate the attention of her husband Jonathan after they'd first encountered one another at a showbiz event.

Jane has previously explained that she wished she could recall their initial conversation but confessed their first meeting is vague in her memory.

Speaking with The Times back in 2012, she said: "I met Jonathan at some sort of promotional event. He'd just started his show The Last Resort. He'd only been doing it for two weeks, I think.

"I can't remember what we talked about. I wish I could. Honey's always asking me that, but I really can't remember."

After two years of dating, they tied the knot in an intimate ceremony back in 1988.

Following the birth of their three children, Jane also tried her hand at TV presenting before tackling Hollywood as a screenwriter and joining forces with director Matthew Vaughn.

The duo co-wrote Kingsman, The Secret Service, X-Men: First Class and X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Daughter, Honey Kinny

Honey is certainly making her mark not only in the world of showbiz but on the catwalks too.

Jonathan's youngest child describes herself as an activist on a mission to change the way society perceives body shape and size.

To promote body positivity, she regularly ditches her clothes to proudly flaunt her curves from all angles.

Last year she hit the headlines after the model took centre stage on ITV favourite Loose Women, explaining that her parents had tried to put her on fad diets while she was growing up which only made her feel more self-conscious about her body.

She said: "They saw me, a teenage girl, coming home saying, 'I hate my body'.

"They tried to give me solutions to a problem I brought to them, which was to lose weight. They presented me with diets and diets, as we know, don't work and are absolutely toxic.

"My advice to parents is keep that as far away from your children as possible, if you want them to have a good relationship with food and their bodies growing up do not shame them."

In spite of Honey's comments, she has an extraordinary relationship with both her parents and later explained that her mum had "said sorry" for the tough love in the past.

Daughter, Betty Kitten Ross

Jonathan's eldest child Betty also experienced issues expressing her true feelings after starting to come to terms with her sexuality.

At the time, Betty couldn't find the words to tell her mum and dad that she was a lesbian so instead told them that she was bisexual.

Describing the moment she plucked up the courage to speak with her parents, she wrote in an Instagram response post: "I think just generally coming out is hard but luckily my parents and siblings and friends were all totally cool with it.

"I came out as bi first and was saying I was bi for a while, then came out as gay. I get asked about it quite a bit and don't mind.

"I've had crushes on girls forever, but I never really realised that that was being gay until I was quite a bit older."

Ever supportive parents Jane and Jonathan were both incredibly accepting and encouraging of Betty's sexual orientation.

Mother, Martha Ross

Jonathan's mother Martha, who was a mum to six children, also found herself in the limelight as a regular on the hit BBC soap opera Eastenders.

As a frequent extra on the show, she played the part of a market stall owner on Albert Square from the very birth of the programme right up until 2006.

Last January, Martha sadly lost her battle with cancer, leaving Jonathan devastated but also wishing he hadn't "put off" visiting his mum.

He felt a deep sense of guilt as there had been a discussion between his five other siblings about everyone going to visit Martha while she was poorly but Jonathan wanted to create some order so that his mum had visitors every day.

Instead he pitched to his brothers and sisters that they should orchestrate some kind of rota system.

Speaking on Loose Women, he said: "What's awful is that I did see her shortly before her death but then…

"Well, she had a form of cancer but we were told that it was liveable with. We assumed she would be around for a lot longer."

He went on: "I feel bad because everyone said, 'Oh, we will all go and see her'. And I said, let's not all go and see her today because then there is no one going to see her tomorrow. Let's spread it out during the week. Who can only go today?

"Two of them went there, and then she died that day. That last day that I would have seen her. Although I think she didn't really know what was going on."

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