Josh Gad Becomes Expert at Cleaning Bathroom During Lockdown

The ‘Frozen’ actor has become a master shower cleaner after his wife challenged him to be a part of their weekly cleaning routine during the quarantine.

AceShowbizJosh Gad has developed a new skill in lockdown – he’s a master shower cleaner.

The “Frozen” star’s wife set him the task of keeping the couple’s en suite shower clean ever since the coronavirus crisis forced the family to stay at home and Gad admits he took the role a little too seriously.

“I’ve become a really, really adept shower cleaner,” he tells “The Kelly Clarkson Show“. “I’m talking about the kind of person that you wanna hire if you wanna make sure (to) lick the floors of your shower before you clean yourself.”

“My wife challenged me with being responsible with that part of our weekly cleaning routine and I took on the challenge and I put on the gloves; I wear a bathing suit, and I go in there. I’m doing it as if to prove a point… to win something, like, whatever shower cleaning award there is. I’ve become really, really good.”

“I have the brush to get the grout off, I have the mop, I have those gloves that you can order… that have little things coming out of them, so you can use the gloves to clean as well.”

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