Jude Law finally confirms he's become a dad for the sixth time after wife Phillippa Coan gave birth in lockdown

JUDE Law has finally confirmed he's become a dad for the sixth time after his wife Phillippa Coan gave birth in lockdown.

The actor, 47, and his wife, 33, have welcomed their first child together after getting married in May last year.

The Holiday star revealed the happy news during an interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show yesterday.

When asked what he's been up amid quarantine, Jude said: "I've been gardening. Oh! And on top of that I had a baby. So there you go."

Jimmy said: "Buried the lede, buried the lede on that one. Congrats, dad! That's awesome."

The actor said "it's really wonderful" and shared that he and his wife felt "blessed that they could just nest as a family."

The star previously he would "absolutely" be open to having more kids – despite already having five children with three previous partners.

"I love it, so absolutely why not?" he told Daily Mail.

"I’m very lucky to be involved with someone I’m madly in love with.

"The idea of having more children would be just wonderful."

He added: "I’m fortunate to be with someone where I’m having more fun than I’ve ever had in my life.

"We have an incredibly stable and healthy, wonderful family existence and that involves my kids who are young adults… and then the younger ones are just so much joy and so much fun."

Jude was previously married to fellow actress Sadie Frost, 53. They had three children — Rafferty, 22, Iris, 18, and Rudy, 16. They divorced in 2003.

He also famously had a longterm relationship with his Alfie co-star Sienna Miller.

He later went out with American model Samantha Burke.

She had his fourth child Sophia, now nine.

Jude became a dad for the fifth time when musician Catherine Harding gave birth to Ada in 2015.

Jude and Phillipawere first spotted together at the Hay literary festival in 2016.

She runs her own company, Stride, which specialises in improving employees’ performance.

Last year Jude married business psychologist Phillipa at Old Marylebone Town Hall in central London.

They shunned showbiz pals and invited only close family to the low-key ceremony.

The Sherlock star and Phillipa arrived for the civil ceremony in a chauffeur-driven Range Rover.

He was spotted helping his bride-to-be from the black 4×4 before gripping her hand as they made their way up the stone steps for the ceremony.

They emerged about an hour later with their wedding bands proudly on display then got back into their waiting vehicle without posing for any pictures.

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