Kanye West Unveils 2020 Campaign Merch, Still Not Campaigning

Kanye West is in the home stretch of his Presidential campaign, and he’s laser-focused … on making money off a pricey line of 2020 Vision merch.

Ye unveiled a collection that included $60 hats and $160 hoodies Wednesday night while the legit VP candidates were debating. The items included messages like, “Vote Kanye” and “God Save America.”

Now, he’s not completely ignoring his actual campaign — Ye also listed a brief summary of his Presidential Platform.

Among other things, Kanye says he wants to restore prayer in classrooms, reduce household and student loan debt, work on equality in the criminal justice system and take care of the environment.

He does not go into detail about how he’d accomplish those goals … but that’s typical for politicians.

What’s odd is the guy who claims he’s really running for President hasn’t made a single public campaign appearance since South Carolina back in July, when he cried while talking about abortion.

On the other hand, Kanye introduced a section on his website for supporters to donate in margins of as little as $20 to the maximum of $2800.

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