'Karen' Director Coke Daniels Scoffs at Idea He Ripped Off 'Get Out'

Coke Daniels is all for people comparing his film “Karen” to Jordan Peele‘s “Get Out,” but to say he ripped it off? Coke essentially says get the hell outta here with that take!

The writer/producer tells TMZ … they’re 2 totally different films. His about an entitled white, racist woman who tries to run a Black family out of the neighborhood, while “Get Out” is about a mixed-race couple visiting her super-creepy family.

However, it didn’t stop people from talking trash. One person said on Twitter, “Jordan Peele only has two films under his belt as a director and he already has people trying to copy his formula.”

Now, Coke will cop to the idea that the films do share a similarity in genre … and the director thinks THAT is what haters were really describing after the trailer dropped on Tuesday.

ICYMI, they slammed “Karen” — starring Taryn Manning in the creepy lead — as a wannabe “Get Out.” The criticism was so intense, Jordan Peele’s name started trending on Twitter.

Coke noticed all the social media buzz, took a screenshot of several posts and captioned it, “Trending on Twitter!! Keep comparing Karen to Get Out! We’ll receive that!”

Coke tells us he’s also seen folks saying his movie looks more like an ‘SNL’ skit, but watch his reaction — he’s not too mad about that criticism … and added a shout-out to Tyler Perry. Oh yeah, Jordan too.

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