Karen Huger calls out Gizelle Bryant for Pastor Jamal Bryant's continued absence on the RHOP

Real Housewives of Potomac star Karen Huger confronted Gizelle about her relationship with ex-husband Jamal Bryant on the reality show’s latest episode.  

The RHOP cast was having lunch when Karen asked where Jamal was. Gizelle said that Jamal was doing some business for his church.  

“I am concerned that I haven’t seen Jamal supporting you in Potomac at events. You’re always alone,” Karen said.  

“I haven’t brought him around you all; it ain’t personal,” said Gizelle. She went on to say that he is always booked and lives in another state.  

Karen asked Gizelle if Jamal is proud of her, and she said he is.

“Well, then a proud man is with his woman,” responded Karen.  

Gizelle told Karen that she doesn’t always need Jamal there. 

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Gizelle told Karen she didn’t have to sleep with Jamal 

When Karen asked the others if they had seen Gizelle’s ex with her, Gizelle snapped.

“You don’t need to see him. You’re not having sex with him.”  

“Praise the Lord! No, father God, no. Hallelujah,” Karen replied.  

Gizelle said that Jamal doesn’t need to meet Karen.  

Karen replied that Gizelle deserved more as Gizelle said, “That’s that. We can move the f*** on,” she concluded.  

Pastor Bryant cheated on Gizelle 

Gizelle divorced her husband in 2009 after he cheated on her. They were married for seven years and had three daughters together. Gizelle and her ex-husband began to date again 10 years later.  

Karen believes Gizelle is wasting her time with her ex. She mentioned in her confessional that Gizelle doesn’t demand anything from the men in her life.

The RHOP grande dame added she could give Gizelle some wisdom regarding her relationship with her ex-husband. 

Karen said on the RHOP After Show that Gizelle wanted to prove that her ex-husband is back in her life, so she called him in front of the ladies for Jamal to say hello. 

The grande dame was annoyed by the other ladies’ enthusiasm during the call.

“That’s not gonna satisfy me,” she declared.   

“Y’all gon’ sit your ass down,” Karen said. “That man is in the phone, and he’s gon’ stay in the phone. Until we see him in Potomac, with her, he’s in the phone. And that’s okay. If that’s where Gizelle wants to keep Jamal, in the phone, look, I’m cool with that,” she concluded.  

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.    

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