Kate Garraway set for another emotional series as husband Derek’s recovery continues

NTAs: 'Finding Derek' wins Best Authored Documentary

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Finding Derek aired on ITV earlier this year, and detailed the impact the illness left on the 54-year-old, as well as Good Morning Britain presenter Kate Garraway and their two children, Darcey and Billy. After falling ill with the virus at the start of the pandemic, former lobbyist Derek was placed in intensive care and later in an induced coma. He finally returned home in April 2021, and Kate has transformed their home to accommodate her husband’s new needs. A hard-hitting documentary about Derek’s slow and steady progress was created by Kate, and ITV has now confirmed the broadcaster will be making a second instalment about their ongoing battle.

The award-winning documentary left viewers in tears as Kate candidly showed the devastating impact COVID-19 has had on her family.

Kate, 54, received a National Television Award in September following the raw insight into her life.

Speaking on the night, she hinted a sequel was on the cards.

“We are going to make another documentary — there are plans for more.”

She continued: “Derek has a very short window of energy, but we are trying.

“He has been home for four months now and it was enough for him being home.

“Now we are really hoping we can have more and more people in to see him.”

Accepting the award for Best Authored Documentary on the night, the journalist broke down in tears.

She commented: “Thank you so much. It was a hugely brave decision for ITV to commission this, they didn’t know what they were making.

“Lucy arrived at our home not knowing if she was seeing a family in grief or relief – it ended up being something between the two.

“Thank you so much for voting, I wonder if it’s because our story is your story.

“We’ve all been touched by the pandemic, whether it is livelihood, mental health, the other extraordinary documentaries have also been affected by the pandemic.”

“To all the Darceys and Billys and Dereks and Derek’s family, whatever you are going through, you are not forgotten,” she continued.

“We want the joy back, we want it to be over. But if you are still living with the scars, the fight goes on.”

ITV hasn’t yet confirmed when the sequel will air, but has included it in a line-up for TV programmes set to hit the screens in 2022.

The channel stated the second part would follow the family as they continue to face the challenges of Derek’s return home.

Derek requires round-the-clock care and is unable to walk.

Talking is also difficult for him since his long stint in hospital recovering from COVID-19 and the after-effects the illness took on his body.

Kate has also written a book about her family’s experience, titled The Power of Hope.

Finding Derek is available to watch on ITV Hub.

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