Kate Lawler asks if she’s a ‘skank’ after saying she washes PJs every two weeks

Kate Lawler, 41, got all her Instagram fans talking over the weekend after she revealed she doesn't wash her own pyjamas anywhere near as much as she washes her daughter's.

The new mum, who gave birth to baby girl Noa eight months ago, couldn't believe the debate got so much attention.

The Big Brother icon opened up about some of the more mundane questions about motherhood, asking her fans how often they change their baby's onesie – and if she was a "skank" for her own washing habits.

She asked fans: "I put a fresh baby grow on her every single night. Is it necessary?

"Can you use a baby grow, say two nights in a row and then wash it after two nights?"

In a hope to deplete her ever-growing washing pile, the Virgin Radio presenter admitted she only changes her pyjamas once every two weeks.

Although always thinking this was a normal routine, Kate was shocked to discover her brother's girlfriend wears a clean pair of pyjamas every night.

The questions sparked a huge debate with fans, as many responded to Kate with their opinions.

Surprised the post gained as much attention as it did, Kate did another poll on Instagram.

She was shocked to discover that 21% of her fans actually discussed their pyjama changing routine with their friends and family after watching her Instagram story at the weekend.

Keeping the debate going, Kate then started opening up to fans about her maternity PJs.

Despite Noa being eight months old, Kate still wears her leopard print maternity pyjamas for comfort.

In a hilarious video, Kate attempted to show how big the pyjamas really were by asking her fiancé, Martin “Boj” Bojtos, to step into them as well.

The couple fell down in fits of laughter after Martin stepped inside the trousers before collapsing down on their bed.

The adorable pair have embraced parenthood and are excited for their future wedding.

In a sweet post dedicated to her fiancé back in June, Kate said how happy she was to watch Martin become a father to their baby girl.

In the caption, Kate wrote, "Watching him with her makes me love him even more and I can't wait to watch their relationship grow.

"If their bond is half as special as mine and my Dad's I'll be so happy."

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