Kelly Clarkson Stalker Arrested Against After 12 Restraining Order Violations

A stalker who just won’t quit has gotten arrested again … outside Kelly Clarkson‘s house, and there’s a pattern with this one that is bizarre and alarming.

Huguette Nicole Young was arrested Wednesday night outside Kelly’s San Fernando Valley home. Kelly already got a temporary restraining order against her and a permanent one as well, but the woman has now violated the terms of the restraining orders 12 times.

Security caught her meandering around Kelly’s property and called 911. Cops quickly came and arrested her.

kelly clarkson trespasser

Now here’s what’s super weird. Young has repeatedly shown up at exactly 8:59 PM. So far there’s no explanation for the time or its significance.

Young has a decade-long history with Kelly … first tracking her down at her Nashville home and then following her out to L.A. She sometimes leaves unwanted gifts at the base of Kelly’s property.

Sources connected to Kelly tell TMZ … Kelly is so concerned she will not allow her kids to step outside the gate at night.

Kelly appeared by zoom earlier this month with her lawyer, Ed McPherson, for the hearing on the permanent restraining order, and told the judge about her fears.

Victor Fernandez nest cam

The hearing involved two stalkers … Young and Victor Fernandez. The latter showed up at her house during Thanksgiving, and the judge issued a permanent restraining order against both.

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