Kelly Reilly real name: What is Beth Dutton star Kelly Reilly’s real name?

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Kelly Reilly is an English actress from Surrey and one of her first roles was in an episode of Prime Suspect. The 43-year-old soon became well-known on stage and screen and her most recent projects include Eli and Britannia. She plays Beth Dutton in Paramount Network’s Yellowstone, but the star was born with another name.

What is Kelly Reilly’s real name?

Kelly Reilly was born in July 1977 – her mother was a hospital receptionist and her father a retired policeman.

She studied drama at GCSE level while at school in Kingston and she inquired about work by writing to the producers of Prime Suspect.

Reilly went on to star in a number of stage shows and her first lead role was in the film Eden Lake in 2008.

The following year she was cast in the series Above Suspicion. Fans may also recognise her as Mary Watson in Sherlock Holmes.

She became a stage star following her role in After Miss Julie and her name was known across the world.

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Her real name is Jessica Kelly Siobhán Reilly, with Irish roots coming from her grandparents.

The star has not revealed much about why she changed her name but many actors choose a different stage name for their work.

The award-winning actress, who is married to financier Kyle Baugher, became an even bigger star having taken on the role of the leading lady in Yellowstone in 2018.

She was already well-known for her main roles in Black Box and True Detective at the time.

Since joining the cast of Yellowstone her character has become a fan-favourite and back in June 2020 she spoke out about her role as Beth.

In the series, Beth is in a relationship with Rip Wheeler (played by Cole Hauser) who is another much-loved character.

She told KTLA 5 how fans would write to her begging her not to hurt her on-screen love interest, saying: “They don’t quite realise that maybe I’m not Beth.

“If I do anything to hurt him they are going to come find me, so yeah, it’s a lot. They are mad for him.”

Beth’s life was left hanging in the balance at the end of the third season of Yellowstone as an explosive device had been sent to her office.

Her father John Dutton (Kevin Costner) was also targeted by anonymous assassins and fans are keen to know who was behind the attacks.

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They feared Reilly had dropped out of the series, believing her character may have been dead.

She has not given much away but viewers seem to be reassured that she will make a comeback in one way or another.

Her character is known for speaking her mind and she is loyal to her father and the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

Beth’s death in the series would be a tragic moment and fans have taken to Twitter to express their love for her character.

One said: “Beth Dutton is the Queen of Iconic Quotes. Give Kelly Reilly the Emmy, Golden Globe, all the awards!”

Another said: “Kelly Reilly’s portrayal of Beth is a tour de force, and Cole Hauser (as Rip) balances her well. Great show. Great stories. Incredible scenery.”

One fan went as far as to say Beth is “one of the greatest female characters in TV history.”

The star’s TV career dates back to 1995 when she took on a role in the TV film Prime Suspect: Inner Circles.

One of her peak years in acting was in 2005 when she won three awards for her role in Mrs Henderson Presents – including an Empire Award, a London Film Critics’ Circle Award and a National Board of Review Award.

In the same year, she was nominated for a Best Actress award at the César Awards for her role in Russian Dolls.

Yellowstone airs on Paramount Network

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