Kevin Can F**k Himself Series Finale: Kevin Can Wait's Erinn Hayes Makes Her Debut as [Spoiler] — Watch Video

Erinn Hayes is getting the last laugh.

Kevin Can Wait‘s Erinn Hayes Saga: A Timeline

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Five years after her character Donna Gable was killed off Kevin Can Wait via kung-fu coupon, Hayes pops up in the series finale of AMC’s Kevin Can F**k Himself — and TVLine has an exclusive clip of her debut.

Spoilers ahead: The finale, which is titled “Allison’s House” and streaming on AMC+ ahead of its linear premiere on Monday, Oct. 10 (AMC, 9/8c), picks up six months after Allison McRoberts (played by Schitt’s Creek‘s Annie Murphy) successfully faked her own death. During the episode, “Allison comes to terms with what she’s running from and what she left behind,” according to the official synopsis.

Meanwhile, presumed widower Kevin has grown himself a beard — not unlike the beard Kevin Gable grew out after losing his beloved Donna to, um… unknown causes. He’s also found himself a replacement for his sitcom wife: Hayes’ Molly (last name not specified). We’re told they met just two months after Allison’s accident.

At one point, Kevin’s best friend Neil mentions how much he likes having Molly around. “You’ve made things so much better,” he says. “You’ve given us our lives back these last six months.” Kevin’s girlfriend points out that she’s only been in the picture for four months, but Neil doesn’t care. He’s just relieved that “the wicked witch is dead.” Cue the laugh track!

Kevin Can F**k Himself — whose title is an obvious play on CBS’ Kevin Can Wait, a short-lived comedy primarily remembered for just how sloppily it handled Hayes’ expulsion as Kevin James’ significantly better half — has for two seasons explored the secret life of the sitcom wife, and asked what the world looks like through her eyes. Alternating between single-camera realism and multi-camera comedy, the series has shown what happens when Murphy’s Allison McRoberts “escapes her confines and takes the lead in her own life.”

Hayes’ stunt casting as Allison’s replacement — a thankless role filled by Leah Remini during Kevin Can Wait Season 2 — brings the very meta series full circle. Since her unceremonious exit from Kevin Can Wait, the Childrens Hospital alum has had starring roles in Netflix’s Huge in France and Medical Police and Prime Video’s The Dangerous Book for Boys. She also recurs on ABC’s The Goldbergs.

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