Kim Kardashian Body-Shames “Saggy” Critics After Alleged Photoshop Fail

While The Kardashians continues to deliver Kardashian kontent directly into fans’ eyes, the family hasn’t slowed down on social media.

But a recent set of photos of Kim had followers puzzled, and she was accused of a disastrous “photoshop fail.”

Kim hit back at the accusations, at first not even offering an explanation as she has in the past.

Then, she took it a step further, going after critics’ “insecurities” over their “saggy” body parts.

Navel warfare?

Kim Kardashian flaunted her incredible body on Instagram on Sunday, using her caption to highlight that she is promoting her own product, Skims.

But some of her fans and followers openly wondered what had happened to her belly button.

Because Kim is who she is, these questions — and speculation that it was a photoshop mishap — led to media coverage.

There have been past accusations of Kim messing up editing (and she generally has a response at the ready to explain it).

More infamously, her sister Khloe has been known to wildly distort her face and body in imagines in a way that worries fans.

“Come on guys,” Kim wrote in her Instagram Stories, responding to the coverage.

On Tuesday, April 26, she called out those contemplating her navel.

“Seriously! This is so dumb!” Kim declared. “Claiming I photoshopped out my belly button????”

Kim Kardashian IG promotes skims to "sagging" critics

Kim did not stop there, following it up with another Instagram Story that got a lot more personal.

“Belly button insecurities?!” she asked.

“Well… why don’t you head on over to to conceal that saggy belly button of yours with a great pair of high waisted underwear like I did!” Kim wrote. “You’re welcome!!!”

Some immediately accused Kim of body-shaming her critics, albeit sight unseen.

(To be clear, telling someone that they are “saggy” is still body-shaming whether you can see their photos or not)

Others believe that she was simply making a joke, partially at her own expense, playing off of the coverage to reiterate her product promotion.

What we are meant to conclude from all of this is that Kim’s navel did not go anywhere.

Instead, the idea is that her ultra-high-waisted Skims rode up so high on her hourglass torso that they actually obscured her bellybutton.

That might sound like the waistline of undergarments worn by a middle-aged woman in 1995, but Skims aren’t pants.

Skims are supposed to be shapewear, worn under the clothes, designed to highlight your natural (or not-so-natural) form.

(Anyone else flashing back to when she was going to call this line “Kimonos?” The world really dodged a bullet thanks to public outrcy)

We’re not fabric experts, but it looks like Skims might need to cover more ground on your body than regular underwear does in order to do its job.

Presumably, this is why Kim’s fabric covering is up so high on her torso that she’s pulling a Kyle XY.

Gosh, if this had been Kylie, we’d have made like a dozen “Kylie XY” jokes. You got off easy with just one.

Anyway, this means that Kim’s bellybutton is safe and sound under her clothes. Maybe it’s “saggy” or maybe not.

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