Kim Kardashian Dragged for Spoiling Ending of 'Spider-Man: No Way Home'

Kim Kardashian is getting dragged for ruining the ending of the new, “Spider-Man: No Way Home” flick.

Seems Kim was ensconced in her Hidden Hills home theatre Monday night watching the 3rd installment of the mega-hit, when she spoiled the climax … we’re not going to do the same, unless you want to see by clicking above. Let’s just say there were some surprise appearances.

Kim took photos of the screen and posted them for her 273 million followers to see, and many of them were outraged — “I don’t even f–king follow Kim kardashian and the one moment I decide to watch her stories on instagram she post literally THEE whole spoiler of spider man. I’ve never hated someone so much.”

And there’s this … “I thought the SpiderMan ending would get ruined from ALOT of places on social media for me, but never in @KimKardashian’s insta stories. Nothing says privilege like getting a movie in your own private theatre and spoiling it for those of us who are trying to stay home and safe!”

Kim fairly quickly realized her blunder and deleted the 2 posts, but it’s hard to unscramble an egg.

BTW … she’s seen the flick before.  She and bf Pete Davidson took in a showing when she was back in Staten Island earlier this month.

The good news … millions of folks already know the ending, because Spidey broke records … the first movie during the pandemic to cross the $1 billion line.

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