Kim Kardashian Fears Men Won't Want To Date Her After Kanye West Divorce!

Kim Kardashian is in perfect position to move on from now-estranged husband Kanye West and find a romantic relationship that better suits her. But what if that’s all way easier said than done for the world-famous Keeping Up with the Kardashians alum?

A new report published over the weekend in Us Weekly caught our eye because of what it claims insiders are saying about Kim’s current state of mind as a newly-single (and still smokin’ hot!) mother of four.

Per the mag’s source, the 40-year-old is apparently having some negative thoughts as far as her dating future is concerned. Skeptical and pessimistic that there’s someone out there for the KKW Beauty founder, the insider alleged (below):

“She’s not focused on dating at the moment but actually worries that guys will not want to date her because of how public her relationship was with Kanye. She also knows how hard it is to build trust with someone so she thinks it’s going to take time before letting someone into her private life. It was easy with Kanye because they were friends before so they had years’ worth of trust.”

OK, so, there’s a lot to take in there!

For one, it’s interesting to hear Kourtney Kardashian‘s younger sis is so pessimistic about her romantic future! She’s at the top of her game in the business world, with four amazing kids to boot. She lives a dream life with her famous siblings. And she’s in the best shape of her life!

So what gives??

Truth be told, to hear the source go on with more details, it sounds like a confidence issue on the reality TV star’s part. That is, she’s shaken from Yeezy having moved on so quickly to date Bradley Cooper‘s baby momma, model Irina Shayk. The insider explained:

“She certainly did not think that Kanye would move on with someone else before her. Friends and family are telling her she has nothing to worry about and when she’s ready to date again, they gladly will be setting her up with potential suitors.”

Believe us when we tell you, girl, that we also did not think Kanye would have moved on like this so soon. And with Irina, of all people. Those aforementioned friends and family members who are in Kim’s ear saying she has nothing to worry about are doing the right thing though! She will be back on top VERY soon, with the right man to match her lifestyle and romantic needs.

Shoot, she already knows she can call Drake anytime and get a date, right?! Imagine having a mega-star A-lister like that as your backup plan?! Ahh, what a life to live. Haha!

What do U think about Kim’s apparently pessimistic take on her own romantic future, Perezcious readers?? Is it as simple as Kanye being the first one of them to rebound, and so the reality TV star is naturally jealous and feeling spurned?!

Or is there something deeper going on here?? Sound OFF with your take on the beauty biz exec’s dating future and more down in the comments (below)!

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