Kitten rescued after being dumped in bucket and left on side of the road

For most people, harming or abandoning a tiny, defenceless animal is unthinkable.

Which is why rescuers were shocked to discover a kitten had been dumped in a bucket and left on the side of the road.

The tiny kitten was thankfully rescued after he was found locked in a paint bucket with just a small hole for him to breathe.

A member of the public spotted the bucket by a road in County Armagh, Northern Ireland on 29 September.

After realising the little cat, who was covered in white paint from the bucket, was inside, the person contacted Northern Ireland animal welfare charity, the USPCA.

The kitten was brought to the USPCA veterinary team who gently removed all the paint, cleaned him up and fed him.

Colleen Tinnelly, USPCA Development Manager, says: ‘We are very grateful to the member of the public for rescuing this kitten from a very dangerous and distressing situation.

‘We are in disbelief that someone would heartlessly abandon this defenceless young animal.

‘Our veterinary team have done a fantastic job of looking after this little one and he is doing well under our care.

‘We are fortunate in this case that the kitten was rescued as there could have been fatal consequences had it been left on the road.’

The kitten will continue to be cared for by the team until he is strong enough to be rehomed.

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