Kodak Black Shoots His Shot With Zendaya, Pens Valentine’s Day Poem for Her

The ‘Zeze’ rapper channels his inner poet in prison as he writes a love letter for the ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ actress and threatens to beat up her onscreen love interest.

AceShowbizKodak Black hit on Zendaya Coleman from behind bars. The incarcerated rapper penned a Valentine’s Day poem for the “Spider-Man: Far From Home” actress and then posted it Friday, February 14 on Instagram.

“Zoolin In A Ice Box, Frozen In Time / But Mentally You’re My Valentine / Hope I Made You Smile With This Poem / I’m Thinking Bout You All The Way Home,” he wrote before adding, “P.S. Don’t Make Me Beat Spider Man Up.”

The 22-year-old hip-hop star, who’s in prison for federal weapons charges, made sure his celebrity crush know about his love letter as he tagged the 23-year-old Hollywood starlet on his caption, “@Zendaya (Because Of You).”

Kodak Black was previously in a relationship with City GirlsYung Miami. In July 2019 when she was pregnant, he recorded a song from jail threatening to punch her belly for allegedly cheating on him, “I bought Yung Miami a ring, she bought an 808 baby. When I see her, I’ma hit that b***h in her stomach.”

Miami’s boyfriend responded, “Somebody tell Kodak, ‘Suck a d**k. Get up out of jail first, p***y.” She added her own choice of words as she dragged the “Zeze” lyricist as well, “Poor ass n***a Kodak ain’t dust s**t!”

A few days later, Miami was targeted in a drive-by shooting. Gunfire erupted when she was leaving studio in her Mercedes-Benz SUV. Her car was damaged but she managed to escape unscathed. Traumatized by the scary incident, she told her Instagram followers, “It really could’ve been R.I.P. I’m really not okay!”

Kodak Black later responded with this tweet, “#YungMiami Gimmicks are for suckas, as I sit back I realize how petty that move was and as a man it’s certain things we refrain from.” To her boyfriend, he wrote, “Ain’t no smoke wit you bra,” adding, “I pray y’all have a healthy baby and live a prosperous life.”

Meanwhile, Zendaya is currently romantically linked to her “Euphoria” co-star Jacob Elordi. They first sparked dating rumors in August 2019 and have since been spotted packing on public displays of affection.

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