Kristin Chenoweth Scared Of Deadly Coronavirus, Traveling With Mask

Kristin Chenoweth is terrified over the spread of the deadly coronavirus … and she’s doing everything she can to stay safe while traveling.

We got Kristin at LAX Thursday and asked if she’s scared to fly now that the outbreak is spreading from its epicenter in China to our borders.

As you know … coronavirus started in Wuhan, China and the United States just got its first confirmed case. As if the world weren’t scary enough right now.

Kristin came prepared for the worst … because she busted out a face mask, and even handed an extra one to our camera guy. Good looking out!!!

The Emmy and Tony award winner is on her way to Key West for her Saturday tour stop and says she can’t take any chances because she’s gotta sing. Oh, and Kristin just got over a bout with the flu.

It’s pretty alarming … Kristin has a hunch that masks could become commonplace in the U.S.

On a lighter note … there’s one corona Kristin wants to taste.

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