‘Kylo Ren’ Hilariously Poses As First Order Intern In ‘Undercover Boss’ Themed Skit On ‘SNL’

‘Kylo Ren’ lives to see another day! Adam Driver kept the laughs coming in this ‘Star Wars’ themed skit on ‘SNL’ — and showed an entirely new side to the villain.

Adam Driver, 36, just took us back to the First Order in this sketch — but not in the way we were expecting! “I haven’t been the best boss lately, I’ve been a little distracted with some personal drama,” Adam as his Star Wars alter-ego Kylo Ren announces in the Undercover Boss themed sketch. It turns out that the skit takes place right after Kylo killed his dad Han Solo, caused a fire on his mom Princess Leia’s spacecraft and is on a mission to find Rey. His solution? To pose as Randy, an entry level intern, to get a better sense of what’s going on at work. Hey, even intergalactic space villains have to deal with difficult employees!

“Hey guys, I’m Randy, the new intern,” he introduces himself to the rest of his staff — and gets things started with a little office gossip! “What do you guys think, when Kylo Ren offers Rey his hand for the second time, do you think she’ll take it?” When a staffer reveals she doesn’t care, Kylo seemed — erm — a little offended! It turns out Randy doesn’t get quite red carpet treatment that Supreme Leader Kylo usually does, and his day-to-day involves boring tasks like wrangling droids and getting coffee. Princess Leia’s only son later got invited to an intern party, where it seemed like things were taking a positive turn. After a night of dancing and drinks, however, the First Order leader was offended by another staffers comments. When a fellow intern announces she wants to one day “fly like Luke Skywalker,” Ren didn’t take kindly — and busted out his red light saber! “You’ll die like him too,” he announced as he plunged the saber right through her heart. “I made four new friends and only killed one of them — I’d say that’s a pretty good start!” he announced with a thumbs-up. We guess so?

Adam has portrayed Darth Vader’s grandson Kylo Ren in the sequel trilogy films and has become an iconic Star Wars character in his own right! Conflicted between his dark and light sides, Kylo — born Ben Solo — finally found peace in The Rise of Skywalker. “The things about that character that I find painful, that I really relate to, I kind of prefer to keep to myself,” the San Diego native spilled to Vanity Fair about playing the controversial role, noting that he took inspiration from his time in the military. “There’s something obviously militant about [Kylo Ren] that makes sense. How he responds to things is probably physically quicker than most, because he’s on edge — they’re at war.”

“Third time hosting, it’s a new year,” Adam could be saying as he wandered the hallways in a hilarious promo released last week. “I know all of those people, let’s hope they’re ready for me!” Entering Studio 8H, he quickly noticed that all the holiday decorations were still up! “They haven’t cleaned from Christmas,” he murmured as a maid said, “You clean…start with the tree.” While Adam tried to insist that he’s “hosting this week,” he ultimately agreed to “clean some of it.” Now that’s a whole new spin on double duty! We aren’t quite sure that he’ll be invited back for janitorial duty, as his idea of cleaning consisted of, um, leaving the tree on a busy NYC sidewalk!

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