Led Zeppelin Descend From the 'Stairway to Heaven' to Join TikTok

Classic rock bands are slowly making their way onto TikTok, with even the Beatles launching an account earlier this month. Now Led Zeppelin have landed their Starship on the platform, bringing their iconic riffs and The Lord of the Rings imagery to Gen Zers everywhere.

Whereas the Beatles made 36 of their songs available on the platform, Led Zep have dropped their entire discography, giving users the option to create videos soundtracked to over 100 of their songs. So not only can teens choreograph dances to hits like “Whole Lotta Love” and “Stairway to Heaven,” but they can jam to deep cuts like “Hot Dog” and “Down By the Seaside.”

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♬ Immigrant Song (Remaster) – Led Zeppelin