Lee Mack wife: Comic admits wife Tara McKillop ‘doesn’t really watch’ his sitcom

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Not Going Out first aired on the BBC more than a decade ago. The comedy sitcom, starring Lee Mack, proved a big hit with series 10 hitting TV screens this year. Stand-up comedian Mr Mack writes the show in his garden shed and has said much of the series is inspired by family life, despite his wife and kids hardly watching it.

In a 2017 Radio Times interview, Mr Mack said: “I’ve tried everywhere, but my garden shed is the most effective place to write.”

He continued: “I like to get up early and wander out there in my pyjamas to do a full day. Nothing else seems to work for me.

“I once even tried a canal boat, but there were too many ducks to feed. And ooh, that wood-burning stove proved too much of a temptation.”

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“I love my shed because it’s so boring – there’s nothing in there to distract me when I’m plotting the show.”

In the same interview, he revealed his wife Tara McKillop and children aren’t big fans of the show.

Mr Mack said: “They’re really not bothered whether it’s on or not.

“My wife doesn’t really watch it and although my eldest has just started to, it’s not his favourite show by a long way – and why would it be?”

“The only feedback I get from him is the occasional slightly arched eyebrow if he likes one of my character’s jokes.

“That’s high praise in my house. He did actually appear in the 2013 Christmas special, playing a ghost, but he was very casual even about that.

“He enjoys his weekly drama class and if he drifts into performing as a career, then fine, but I’d never dream of pushing him.”

Lee married Tara in 2005 and they have three children together – Millie, Arlo, and Louie.

He has previously revealed that his family often provide inspiration for writing his sitcom.

The stand-up comic said: “The truth is I just wanted to write a sitcom about what I am in real life, which is a husband and dad of three kids.”

He continued: “It allows me to tap into stories that have an element of truth. It also means that when stuff happens to me in real life, I don’t get angry about it, I just write it down and use it.

“For instance, for one of my kids’ birthdays, we all went to the cinema before going for lunch. My wife Tara was letting the kids fill up huge cups of pick ’n’ mix sweets.

“I said, ‘Do you think they should be having this much sugar before lunch?

“Let’s leave the cups half-full.’ She said, ‘Fine, but you do know they’re priced by the cup, not by the weight?’ And these cups are ridiculously expensive at £5.99 each.

“So I suddenly heard myself say, ‘Right, get it to the top,’ and I began frantically pressing the sweets down into each cup, cramming as many in there as physically possible.

“I was thinking, ‘I refuse to be ripped off by these people!’ And as we walked away, I thought, ‘Brilliant. I’ll use that. We can do an episode about how much sugar kids eat.’”

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