LiLo Recreating 'The Parent Trap' on TikTok Is Everything

In the mood to feel extremely nostalgic / old? Lindsay Lohan is out here recreating lines from The Parent Trap on TikTok. Specifically, the part where she’s all “Yes, you want to know the difference between us? I have class and you don’t.”

you heard it here first. #theparenttrap

For the .0001 percent of the population that hasn’t seen The Parent Trap, Lindsay plays twins Hallie and Annie who were separated at birth after their parents split. But after reuniting at camp they form a PLOT to get their parents back together, which involves switching places. Obviously, Lindsay uses an English accent which should have frankly earned her an Oscar nomination (SHE! WAS! ROBBED!).

LiLo opened up about filming the movie during a cast reunion in July 2020, telling Katie Couric that when it came to playing Annie, “Once the long hair was on, it felt very different for me. And I feel like — I don’t know if this goes for all actors — but once you put a wig on someone, you feel different. You’re stepping out of your comfort zone and you kind of become the other character. I feel like almost people treated me differently when I was Annie, ‘cause Annie was so much nicer and Hallie was kind of like me.”

Side note: LiLo was also asked at the time if she remembered the choreography for the iconic handshake and laughed, saying “I’ve been asked to do it and yeah, I do remember, I think there’s a little bit where I mess it up.”

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