Linda Evans: Our 50s and 60s are the best years of our life

Hello Magazine has a new interview with Linda Evans, 78, featuring photos of her at home on the 70 acre estate in Washington state where she’s lived since 2000. Her sister, nephew and stepdaughter from her relationship with John Derek live there with her. (Linda was married to John from 1968 to 1974, before he married Bo Derek. He passed in 1998.) Linda’s home is decorated in a country style with some high end touches. She told Hello that she designed additions to it and added large windows for natural light. I enjoyed her interview, which had a lot of wisdom and positivity, and wanted to talk about it. She’s promoting Swan Song, her new movie on Apple +, which stars Udo Kier and features Jennifer Coolidge. Linda plays a woman whose will stipulates that her old hairdresser (Kier) come back to do her hair and makeup for her funeral. The trailer made me laugh out loud and it includes a quote from my friend Kristy Puchko at Pajiba about what a funny, smart movie it is. I’m definitely watching this one. Here’s some of Linda’s interview. It’s worth picking up Hello! for the rest.

How do you feel about ageing?
Life is a much more beautiful game later on in life.

I’ve learned something I longed to know when I was young, and that is self-love. I’ve learnt what it means to love yourself, to become your own best friend, and it is amazing. That’s why I have such a comfort in me. I don’t need much because I’m really a happy person.

As you get older, you look back on life and you learn the things that seem the worst were actually your greatest teachers. Everything in life has meaning and if you pay attention to it and learn from it, you can see life in a totally different way.

I think our 50s and 60s are the best years of our life. Women glow in their 50s. I’ve travelled the world as a speaker and I tell women anything is possible.

What has life taught you about love? Are you in a relationship?
I’m happy on my own at the moment. It’s not that a man can’t make you happy – I’ve been so blessed to have such extraordinary relationship and I wouldn’t have missed one of them – but you don’t have to. It’s not a case of either/or; it’s and/and.

The relationship itself will be great when you love yourself and you don’t need another to fill that place.

Do you still lead an active lifestyle?
I could be busy every day just running this property. It’s like a little city – I have roads, wells, solar panels, fruit trees and a garden to tend to. I grow everything, from lettuce, potatoes and squash to tomatoes and herbs. I could be busy here 24 hours a day.

I also adore yoga. I wish I’d discovered it earlier. Yoga will keep you marching up a mountain at 85 or 90 years old. You’re building from the inside out. It’s a great investment in your future.

[From Hello Magazine, print edition, August 17, 2021]

I love reading interviews with older women who promise that it gets better. I’ve already seen how much my life has improved since I’ve hit my 40s and have more time to focus on myself. I’m sure as I get older I’ll care even less about what other people think. Plus I know myself better and can make sure my life is set up more like I want it to be. Of course it’s easy to say these things when you have plenty of money to live the way you want. She sounds grounded though, and like she’s really grateful for everything.

A post shared by Linda Evans (@lindaevansofficial)

A post shared by Linda Evans (@lindaevansofficial)

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