Lindsay Ell Shares Thoughts About Attending Nashville Rally

Lindsay Ell took part in a protest rally last Saturday in Nashville against the death of George Floyd in police custody.

“We have to start speaking up and teaching each other there is only one kind of love,” Ell reflected on social media afterward.

“Silence isn’t solving anything… Today I went downtown to be a part of a rally because everything going on in our country right now isn’t right. For the family of George Floyd, and to the black community as a whole, my heart breaks for you,” the country singer and guitarist wrote on Instagram.

“Racism is a learned behavior and we are far too educated of a society to let this injustice continue to happen.”

She made it clear that the protesters are not trying to start a race war but trying to end one.

“Also, burning police cars and violence is NOT the answer,” according to her.

Sharing her thoughts about her decision to protest with her fellow Nashvillians and stand up against racism, Ell told Taste of Country, “It is completely unacceptable that, as a society, we have let racism and discrimination continue to permeate our culture. It has plagued our world for far too long, and the responsibility falls to each of us to bring about change now.”

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