Line of Duty boss lifts lid on Kelly McDonald's mysterious character – and her role in 'high-profile, unsolved murder'

KELLY McDonald will play the Line of Duty's cops "most enigmatic adversary", according to show boss Jed Mercurio.

Best known for her roles in Trainspotting and Harry Potter, Scottish actress McDonald is joining the popular BBC series for its sixth season.

She has been spotted shooting on set in Belfast with the rest of the cast and crew but not much is known about her character.

But Line of Duty creator and showrunner, Jed Mercurio dished a bit of dirt on her character during an interview on Lorraine today.

McDonald plays Chief Inspector Joanne Davidson who the police corruption unit AC-12 becomes very interested in over her role in an unsolved murder.

"Kelly plays DCI Joanne Davidson, who is the Senior Investigating Officer on a high-profile murder that remains unsolved over a year after the killing, and AC-12 get involved because there are question marks over her investigation," Mercurio told Lorraine.

The sixth season of the cop drama will drop in March next year, but it's been tough keeping a lid on the top secret plot because of fans taking pics of the filming.

The hit BBC drama is currently filming in Northern Ireland and up until now show bosses have managed to keep information about the upcoming storyline under wraps.

However, fans of the show took a page out of AC-12's book and managed to uncover a string of leaks about the new plot after locals shared a slew of photos and videos from the shot online.

According to a show insider, local cast and crew have let slip "big final scenes" were being filmed at Straid Dam, 15 miles north of Belfast, but made sure not to add any information.

A source told Daily Star: "Filming is in the final stages. Some of the cast have already wrapped up but a few of the main scenes are yet to be finished.

"It should all be done in the next few days – end of the month at the latest. Earlier this week, one of the big final scenes was filmed at night at Straid Dam near Carrickfergus.

"Even though people in the local area know what show is being recorded bosses had managed to keep any major leaks from happening.

"But over the past few days countless amateur images from set have started to appear online – it will be a headache for the BBC but so far everything is under control."

Line Of Duty sixth series will hit BBC One in March 2021 after the coronavirus pandemic halted filming when the UK went into lockdown in March.

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