Line of Duty star drops HUGE 'H' hint for season 7 – and it's set to blow AC-12 wide open

LINE of Duty star Daniel Mays has dropped a HUGE hint for season 7 – as he's convinced 'H' is yet to be revealed.

While the highly anticipated finale aired back in May, seeing Detective Superintendent Ian Buckells outed as the fourth man, fans weren't convinced by the controversial ending.

It appears actor Daniel, 43, who played Danny Waldron in the third series, agrees – admitting he thinks Marcus Thurlwell could still be alive.

Dodgy detective Marcus, played by James Nesbitt, was heavily involved in series three, and was introduced midway through the sixth series of Line of Duty.

He was involved in two cases that murdered journalist Gail Vella was looking into – Lawrence Christopher's death and the killing of Oliver Stephens Lloyd.

While Marcus never appeared on screen in person, he frequently featured as a menacing headshot as well as in holiday photographs.

When AC-12 arranged for the Spanish police to raid his villa in series six, his body, as well as his wife's, were found rotting in their bed.

But Daniel told ITV's This Morning that he is convinced that Marcus Thurlwell isn't dead, and could be the real face behind the elusive 'H'.

“You don’t think James Nesbitt is dead, do you?” host Phillip Schofield quizzed, to which Daniel replied: "I don’t think James Nesbitt is dead."

He continued: "I don’t know this, but I’ve got a sneaky suspicion he might be the main man.”

Co-host Holly Willoughby chimed in: "It makes sense because otherwise you were like ‘What was that scene when he was dead on the bed?’”

“We didn’t get a close-up, did we?” the actor added, agreeing that James would be "wasted" with such a small and unexplored role.

"James Nesbitt is phenomenal talent," Daniel said. "But maybe it’s just you know, Jed Mercurio dangling the carrot. Who knows?"

Daniel's character Danny was a police officer in an armed response unit that became the protagonist of season three.

He was soon being investigated by AC-12 over his dangerous and unpredictable behaviour while leading his team in Operation Damson.

His character was quickly killed off, when he was shot in the back of the neck by PC Hari Bains on the orders of Detective Superintendent Matthew Cottan.

Earlier this month, Adrian Dunbar also hinted that H mystery has NOT been solved and teased a HUGE season seven twist.

Speaking at the BAFTA TV Awards, the Superintendent Ted Hastings actor told comedian Tom Allen there "might be a way to go" with the twist.

Adrian also revealed that he was one of the five people who knew that Ian Buckells was the fourth member of 'H'.

The actor said: "Absolutely we knew who H was. There may be a way to go with all that. We don’t know yet, do we? There are rumours. Who knows?”

Line of Duty is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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