Little People, Big World Season 21: Filming is Underway!

Little People, Big World.

Huge news.

Despite no official word yet from TLC, and despite some understandable obstacles in the way as a result of the novel coronavirus, we can now confirm that Little People, Big World is, indeed, coming back for a new season.

Actually, we aren’t the ones confirming this development.

Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff are the ones who have confirmed it.

The parents of four and lead stars of this long-running reality show have both remarked on Instagram that the series has actually starting shooting again already.

First, Matt came and and subtly made this admission.

He recently went out to dinner (and drew some criticism for not wearing a mask) with girlfriend Caryn Chandler and another couple and opened a caption to a photo from the double date as follows:

Yesterday.. after wrapping up filming and farm chores for the week..

@carynchandler1 and I decided to break away and headed west for the 90 min drive to the small beach town — Manzinita!

We didn’t even catch that ourselves the first time around, but you saw it, right?


Amy, for her part, made a similar comment this week during an Instagram Live session.

“Yesterday was the first day that we were able to film anything,” she told, prior to going in a different direction and adding:

“Like everyone else who is struggling, like, where’s the next paycheck gonna be, and wondering if they have a job, and all of that stuff, there’s parts of me that wonder, ‘OK, are we going back to filming? Like, what does that look like? Are we only doing a few episodes and then it’s over?’

But yeah, yesterday was the first day that we were able to film.”

Roloff, of course, is referring here to the fallout from COVID-19.

Due to this pandemic, there’s no way of knowing when Little People, Big World will return or what it will look like.

Other reality shows, such as The Bachelorette, are gonna try some sort of quarantine/isolation-based season that won’t be like any other in history.

The Roloffs, we’d imagine, can be filmed almost individually, at least in terms of each household, without really going anywhere or interacting with people outside of the family.

Even under non-virus conditions, this is a mostly self-contained program that films almost exclusively on the farm or inside of Tori and Zach’s house.

As for the main storylines we’d anticipate for Season 21?

Amy is planning a wedding to Chris Marek.

Matt is considering a full-time move to Arizona.

And Tori and Zach are now raising two kids, having welcomed daughter Lilah in November 2019.

The main questions fans are asking at the moment, however, still centers around this pandemic and the affect it could have on the family business.

With large gatherings forbidden in many states and with potential customers afraid to go out and visit any sort of retail establishment, could Roloff Farms go out of business?

This does now seem like a possibility, which then prompts us to wonder if Little People, Big World could go on without the farm in the middle of all the action.

This is a question, however, to which we have no answer right now.

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