Loose Women’s Denise Welch and Gloria Hunniford come to blows over Covid ‘hypocrisy’

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Things got very heated between Denise Welch and Gloria Hunniford on Tuesday's Loose Women when the pair got into a tense argument over Covid rules hypocrisy.

Denise, whose dad has been in hospital during the pandemic, recently blasted rules that prevented her from being able to travel in an ambulance with him at the same time that huge crowds were gathering in Central London to watch the England vs Scotland Euros match.

But as she slammed the hypocrisy of some of the rules in today's Loose Women, co-star Gloria disagreed with her and the discussion escalated into a row.

Denise began: "I feel so angry at the hypocrisy this morning that I feel I'm going to spontaneously combust and be a pile of ash in this chair."

She went on to explain that while she supported people taking part in Clap for Carers at home in 2020, she had not been happy about the larger claps that took place in public.

The TV star said: "The Government for four or five weeks allowed Thursday night to become a carnival. So outside hospital nurses would come outside all gathering together, the ambulance service, the emergency service, the police would be lining Westminster Bridge so everyone would come out and clap at the same time with no social distancing. Fine.

"Meanwhile, a lady who was mourning the death of her husband who she'd been married to for 60 years, her sons were threatened with arrest for trying to comfort her at his funeral."

But Gloria hit back: "Could I just pick you up on a couple of things… I don't believe the NHS had a carnival every time they came out of hospital on a Thursday.

"The NHS have been amazing."

A frustrated Denise replied: "Gloria I said the Government allowed on a Thursday night outside hospitals and on bridges, there's television footage of people bibbing their horns, while people weren't allowed more than three people at a funeral."

Gloria went on that she could understand the double standards were difficult to face, but reminded the panel that there had been 11,000 new cases reported in 24 hours.

Denise said: "But there's no increase in deaths, Gloria."

Gloria argued: "You can't just argue against it Denise, you just want everything opened up."

Denise shouted out: "But so what? We've got to live with Covid, Gloria. We've got to move on from it."

Sympathising with her co-star, Gloria said: "My husband has been in a similar situation, I wasn't allowed into the ambulance, I hated it. I wasn't allowed into the hospital, I hated it. But I understood why."

But Denise told her: "So did I then, but I don't understand now when I'm double jabbed and my dad's double jabbed and the paramedics are double jabbed."

Gloria replied: "But not everyone around you's double jabbed and maybe some people out of principle haven't had the jab."

Just as the argument was beginning to intensify, Denise tried to calm things by saying: "Anyway, we'll just agree to disagree Gloria because I respect you and your opinions."

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