Loose Women’s Kaye Adams accuses co-stars of ‘bullying’ after quarantine joke

Loose Women host Kaye Adams and her co-stars Judi Love, Nadia Sawalha and Jane Moore were trying to lift viewers' spirits today, with everyone worrying about the global coronavirus pandemic.

Getting literary, Kaye pointed out that "you can't spell quarantine without u r a q t" or, translated into words rather than letters, "you are a cutie".

But Nadia and Jane took it very literally, wondering what Kaye was going on about because the letters didn't spell anything in that order.

Kaye tried repeating it however her pals still had no idea what she was saying, with Judi keeping quiet and staying out of it.

They went to an ad break and returned with the soundtrack to Countdown welcoming them in, clearly still stuck on Kaye's joke.

Still out of the loop, Jane just said the letters "u, r, i, n,e" which, of course, spells "urine".

Kaye attempted once more to hammer the point home, telling them she was saying "cutie" rather than just the letters that made the sounds.

Giving up though, she joked: "This is classic bullying here. You didn't get the joke and now you're turning on me."

They quickly laughed it off though and moved on to the next segment, talking about staying social with the coronavirus chaos around us.

Today's special guests were mother and son duo Shirlie and Roman Kemp, who were talking about their close bond.

Roman, who works in central London on the radio, said that he wouldn't be spending Mother's Day with his mum because of social distancing.

Loose Women became one of the first shows to make some changes this week with the spread of coronavirus.

It was confirmed that while filming of the show would continue, for now at least, it would be doing so without a live studio audience.

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV

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