Lord Jamar on Eminem’s Diss on ‘I Will’: ‘He’s Not My Cup of Tea’

This arrives after Em takes a jab at the Brand Nubian rapper, with whom he has been exchanging disses, on his new track ‘I Will’ off his new surprise album ‘Music to Be Murdered By’.

AceShowbizLord Jamar has broken his silence after Eminem released a new track in which he dissed Jamar. In a new interview with the series Flip Da Script, Jamar talks about his opinion on Eminem and his music, denying that he hates him.

Telling the interviewer, Jamar admits that Eminem is a good rapper but that’s not enough to make him to like “The Real Slim Shady” rapper. “He’s a good rapper but he’s not my cup of tea,” he explained.

“To the people who’d like to control and dominate the narrative of hip-hop–it’s considered hate to them. To me, it’s self-preservation of my culture,” Jamar went on to say. “I’m just saying if black people, [who] are the creators of hip-hop, don’t crown you the GOAT, you not the GOAT. That’s it.”

“If it sounds hateful to you, that’s your f***in’ interpretation. But I’m tellin’ you, that’s my only thing,” he added.

When asked if his opinion is highly-influenced by Em’s race, Jamar responded, “They only callin’ him the GOAT because he’s white… He brought pride to white people in hip-hop because before that, white people were looked at as super corny.”

This arrives after Em took a jab at Jamar on his new track “I Will” off his new surprise album “Music to Be Murdered By”. The song featured Em rapping, “If it was anyone’s house G Rap and Rakim would be havin’ you mop floors/ Run-DMC would be havin’ you cleanin’ sinks/ Yeah, your group was off the chain, but you were the weakest link.”

Back in November 2019, Jamar reignited their feud by sharing a picture of Em sitting on a sofa with a girl next to him while sporting a mask that looked like Will Smith, accusing Em to be wearing blackface. “Hey @eminem please put this in context for me…I’m trying to understand why you’d be clowning in a BLACKFACE MASK backstage at the MTV AWARDS? You should come on the YANADAMEEN GODCAST so we can discuss this among other things. #weneedanswers,” Jamar wrote in the caption.

Some fans, however, didn’t think it was a blackface. “I mean I’m sorry but uh. That’s not blackface,” one person said. Meanwhile, another one tried to give a context of the snap, writing, “This s**t is stupid. It’s a Will Smith mask, and he had a lil mini beef with Will Smith back in the day. Some random person posted it with Lord Jamar on it. Do y’all believe every little thing y’all see on the internet and take it to the full out extent?!”

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