Lorraine Kelly ridicules Brooklyn Beckham’s cooking: ‘Making beans on toast tomorrow’

Lorraine mocks Brooklyn Beckham for TV show cooking segment

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During her ITV chat show on Thursday, Lorraine Kelly spoke with entertainment presenter Ross King via video link. The duo began the segment by chatting about David Beckham’s son, Brooklyn, who made his TV debut as a chef on Wednesday. However, Lorraine couldn’t help but take a cheeky swipe at the 22-year-old’s cooking as she joked, he will be “making beans on toast tomorrow”.

On Wednesday, Brooklyn showed off his cooking skills on the Today Show.

The aspiring chef decided to make an English Breakfast Sandwich which consisted of bacon, sausages, and egg.

Speaking about his cooking skills, Lorraine began: “At first, I thought this was a spoof.”

“But it’s not,” she laughed. “Tell us what he was making then, go on.”

Ross replied: “Okay, any of my friends and family know I am the original, can’t cook, won’t cook.

“And again, as you mentioned earlier on, you’re a good cook.

“You can do this, even I can do this.

“This is not against Brooklyn. I think it’s against the Today Show which I love normally.”


He continued: “Oh, was this embarrassing. Toes curling absolutely everywhere.

“Here’s young Brooklyn. He has been on social media showing off his somewhat culinary skills.

“But they decided to have him on the Today Show and he made a breakfast sandwich.

“Or for you and I, a bit of bacon, a bit of sausage and an egg on it.”

As they played a clip of the Today Show, Brooklyn explained to the hosts how his love of food began.

“The wee soul, he looked all embarrassed,” Lorraine commented as she watched the hosts tuck into Brooklyn’s sandwich.

“It’s them making him make a bacon sandwich for goodness’ sake.”

“He’s coming in here tomorrow to make beans on toast,” the host went on to joke.





Brooklyn was also ridiculed online by viewers following his appearance on the Today Show.

Angela penned: “So Brooklyn Beckham can make a sandwich…….Wow!……how bloody embarrassing!” (sic)

@Prettybird wrote: “So he made a sausage, English bacon, and non-runny egg on…untoasted white bread. With ketchup. Was this meant to be a joke?

While Alma tweeted: “Worst fried egg in history! Seriously time slot should have been given to a young, trained chef who had struggled during pandemic, not a millionaires son!

“First of all, NO BUTTER ON THE BREAD. Bread should be thick toastie bread & the egg yolk should definitely be runny & you don’t have to have famous parents to know how to cook a bacon, sausage & egg sarnie,” Tris raged.

Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV.

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