Lorraine viewers in tears as actor Peter Egan breaks down over losing late wife

Fans of ITV's Lorraine watched as heartbroken actor Peter Egan broke down about his late wife's passing live on Wednesday's show.

The Unforgotten actor Peter Egan was married to former actress Myra Frances for 49 years until she lost her battle with cancer on March 30 this year.

The actor got very emotional when host Lorraine brought Myra up during an interview on the daytime chat show.

Lorraine opened the segment by saying: “For you, this has been a sort of lifelong crusade in a way, and I know that by your side was your lovely wife who sadly died suddenly, I’m so sorry for your loss because she was a very special woman wasn’t she?"

His appearance on the programme was set to discuss trophy hunting of wild animals, which the 74-year-old actively campaigns against.

The actor acknowledged what happened to his wife by explaining that his grief is still too raw.

As soon as Lorraine brought Myra up, Peter struggled to speak due to getting choked up which caused Lorraine to quickly apologised.

The presenter then kindly asked if he was ok to continue the conversation.

Peter said: "It’s only three months so excuse me, so whenever I think of Myra I kind of collapse a little bit."

Lorraine wavered in to say: "I’m not surprised."

Peter added: "She was a wonderful woman and I adored her, she was very inspirational.

"In fact, she was responsible for my first becoming engaged with trophy hunting and animal rights and animal welfare some 30 odd years ago when we started rescuing dogs together. So I blame her," he laughed.

Viewers at home watching the chat, felt that moved by his words and devastated demeanour that they took to Twitter to share their stance on the chat.

One fan wrote: "Oh seeing Peter Egan getting choked up, is choking me up #Lorraine."

"#Lorraine aww bless Peter, what a lovely long marriage he had xx," a second commented.

A third tweeted: "Oh crikey…Peter Egan is an amazing man… #Lorraine #bantrophyhunting."

A fourth fan said: "#Lorraine If I could reach into the tv and hug Peter Egan, I would. So sorry for his loss. X."

Another tweeted: "Felt for Peter Egan there – wonderful actor and person #Lorraine."

Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV.

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