Louis Vuitton campaign blasted because of likeness to 'Z' symbol

Louis Vuitton fine jewellery campaign featuring the brand’s LV initials is blasted after social media users point out likeness to Russia’s Z symbol of ‘violence and death’

  • Louis Vuitton took to Instagram to promote their LV Volt fine jewellery campaign
  • Collection has been designed to pay tribute to the founder featuring his initials 
  • Social media users argued the designs are too similar to Russia’s pro war symbol 

Louis Vuitton has sparked outrage after social media users pointed out similarities between the brand’s fine jewellery collection and Russia’s pro-war ‘Z’ symbol. 

The luxury fashion house, founded in France, took to Instagram to promote its LV Volt fine jewellery campaign, which pays tribute to the founder with designs inspired by his initials. 

Photographs show celebrities including rapper Kid Cudi, actresses Jin Chen and Alicia Vikander dressed in black clothing while accessorized with the unisex range of rings and bracelets, priced up to £11,400.

The brand first debuted the collection in 2020, however a recent promotional post has sparked upset amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Thousands of angry commenters have compared the designs to Russia’s pro-war ‘Z’ symbol. 

Louis Vuitton has been blasted by social media users who’ve spotted similarities between its LV Volt collection (pictured) and Russia’s pro-war ‘Z’ symbol

The letter ‘Z’ has been spotted on Russian tanks (pictured) as well as on buildings and apparel as a sign of support for the war 

Louis Vuitton hasn’t removed the images from its account despite the backlash but has shifted focus to posting photos of celebrities wearing their clothes. 

A video promoting the fine jewellery was captioned: ‘Introducing the new #LVVolt Campaign. #KidCudi, #JinChen, and #AliciaVikander showcase pieces from #LouisVuitton’s unisex Fine Jewelry Collection that pays tribute to the Maison’s iconic initials. Discover the campaign via link in bio.’

The post was followed by a photo of Alicia Vikander then a clip of Kid Cudi, which both received backlash.

One person wrote: ‘Z is a symbol on Russian tanks. This is a symbol with which they attacked us. This symbol represents violence and deaths. Stop being silent #StopWarInUkraine’

Another said: ‘What? Do you support the war in Ukraine with this collection with the initials of the country that attacked us. Are you out of your mind?’

 A third added: ‘Never heard of Russian invasion, LV?’

Actress Jin Chen (pictured), from China, is among the stars Louis Vuitton chose to promote their designs on Instagram 

Louis Vuitton explained the fine jewellery collection has been designed to pay tribute to the founder of the brand 

Swedish actress Alicia Vikander (pictured left) posed alongside American rapper Kid Cudi (pictured right) in a promo video 

Louis Vuitton has been flooded with comments from outraged social media users who’ve questioned the time of the release 

The outrage comes after companies such as Zurich Insurance removed its ‘Z’ logo to avoid showing allegiance with the Russian regime.

In a statement, the company said: ‘We are temporarily removing the use of the letter ‘Z’ from social channels where it appears in isolation and could be misinterpreted.

‘We’re monitoring the situation closely and will take further actions if and when required.’ 

The letter Z has been used to mark Russian military vehicles in the Ukraine conflict in addition to appearing on buildings, roads, cars, t-shirts and flags in Russia as a sign of support for the war.

There has also been videos of Russians wearing black sweatshirts with a white Z on social media to show their support for Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. 

What does the Z on Russian tanks mean? 

The letter Z has become a propaganda symbol by Putin’s supporters in Russia after appearing on Russian vehicles invading Ukraine.

The invading Russians use the symbol to quickly identify if a vehicle is friend or foe.

However there is confusion over what the symbol, which has been compared to Nazi Germany’s swastika, actually means.

The letter Z does not exist in the Cyrillic Russian alphabet.

It has been interpreted as standing for ‘Za pobedy’ (for victory), others for ‘Zapad’ (West).

West is in reference to Russia western forces.

The ‘Z’ symbol had been seen inside squares and triangles as well as on its own – each thought to denote forces from a specific part of the military.

The symbol only appeared very recently, so the Ukranian forces couldn’t copy it beforehand.

Russian military vehicles attacking Ukraine are identified by the ‘Z’ symbol


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