Love Island star is completely unrecognisable before major glow up to go on the show – but can you guess who it is?

HIS time on Love Island was relatively short lived, but Matthew MacNabb certainly made an impact thanks to his brains and brawn.

He wasn’t always known for his muscles though and previously looked unrecognizable before his incredible glow up.

The 26-year-old delighted fans as he showed off his “gains” with the help of some incredible before pictures.

In one shot he is seen topless as a teenager in the sea with a much smaller physique.

Another picture sees him dressed up for a wedding – again looking half the size he is now.

The final picture, captioned “sculpting”, features Matthew as we  know him now – with bulging biceps.

When the marketing consultant entered the villa, he made a beeline for Kaz Kamwi, however she soon pied him for Tyler Cruickshank.

Matt made sure he ended things quickly – and dumped her in record time by simply stating “we’re done”.

After things fizzled out with Kaz, Matt was left single, but things started to look up when Priya entered the villa as a bombshell.

The pair had an instant connection and bonded over their similar interests.

However she chose to recouple with Brett, meaning Tyler was dumped from the villa.

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