Love Islander claims she was told to wear thong while Jess and Eve were banned

Love Island's Georgia Steel was encouraged by producers to wear her tiny thong bikini, unlike Jess and Eve Gale.

On the show, Georgia revealed that she was told by producers to wear her teeny thongs on camera, unlike the ITV twins who were banned from doing so.

The reality TV star, 24, starred in series four of the dating show and chatted exclusively to the Daily Star during a Facebook Live chat.

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This comes after stunning sisters Jess and Eve Gale – from the winter version of the show – revealed they were banned by bosses for wearing thong bikinis on the programme.

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So, we asked Georgia if this happened to her while on the show, but Georgia laughed and said: "Oh no, they liked it when I wore a thong bikini.

"I never got told off for my clothes ever. The only time they asked me to change was when I was wearing a patterned dress as it made the camera go a bit funny.

"Oh no, they were going 'Georgia get that thong bikini on girl', they wanted me to wear it.

"But knowing the twins, it probably was very small."

During a separate Facebook Live interview with the Daily Star, Jess and Eve both confessed to having some rather racy bikinis which were not allowed to be worn on camera.

Eve admitted: "I had that thong bikini that I wasn't allowed to wear and you weren't allowed to wear that Ann Summers one," as she looked at her sister.

She added: "I had a bikini and it was the real thing one like the Oh Polly ones, it wasn't nude, but it was a thong."

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Jess then interjected: "I was wearing an Ann Summers one and because it's a family TV show they were like this is inappropriate."

To which Eve responded: "Yeah, I had to change it to a tiny bit thicker."

The stunning reality star also spoke about what happens after the Islanders are booted off the show.

Eve explained: “We both had different experiences. Jess left during the final night, so she could leave with everyone at the end of the show […] with me, I did the walkout and then went straight into a room with the producers who debriefed because it was so intense."


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